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FX100 "Device update timed out"


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This might have been discussed before however i cannot find a solution.


I Just got one of these fx100, and everytime i try update this it keeps saying udate timed out, i have used my iPhone, My Wife's iPhone and Our iPad to try update NOTHING WORKS. please help me asap, as i really am keen on this.\\

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I have exactly the same problem. Brand new FX100, IPad Air running latest IOS9, same on the IPhone 6, latest Amplifi app.

I have performed factory reset on box and paired with both machines multiple times and with different combinations of having app running before pairing and then swapped and paired first then activated app - all same result - 'Device timed out'


The app recognises the device as it changes from 'no device' to 'device update required' but then fails to update.


I have rested both phone and IPad and have deleted the app and re-installed it on both machines.


This is looking like a poor result which would be a pity as the product has such promise, any advice would be appreciated.


Thanks. Martin

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Download the Line 6 Updater from Support site; use a computer to update the firmware over USB cable.


When pairing, power up the AMPLIFi first, then connect Bluetooth between AMPLIFi and your mobile device, then start the AMPLIFi Remote app.

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