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M9 - Footswitch Expression FX Pedal?


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Hey all.  One thing I love having on my tone is a rotary effect where it can speed up and slow down with the press of a footswitch, like a Leslie.  The Rotosphere does that, but it's big and bulky, and I would like to utilize the Rotary Drum/Horn effect on the M9 instead.  However, it looks like the only way I could achieve this is by using the EX-1 Expression Pedal and setting the up position to fast and the down to slow.


I would rather use a footswitch, or a separate sustain pedal, to execute the simple effect of toggling the slow/fast options for the rotary effect on the M9.  Is that possible, and if so are there any pedals that can do that?

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Yes, but you will have to make your own. The trick with making an expression footswitch for Line 6 stuff is you must wire in a 10k ohm resistor between the +/- of the jack. Its actually very easy if you have the aptitude for this sort of thing. I'm pretty new to it myself, but after messing around a bit I came up with a pretty fantastic design. I started out making a single momentary switch, but then thought "maybe I can piggy back the momentary switch onto an on/off toggle switch" Guess what? it works great! So I have both functions available without having to bend over to flip a switch or anything. I will try to post some pics, I describe how everything works right in each photo.

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