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  1. Yes, but you will have to make your own. The trick with making an expression footswitch for Line 6 stuff is you must wire in a 10k ohm resistor between the +/- of the jack. Its actually very easy if you have the aptitude for this sort of thing. I'm pretty new to it myself, but after messing around a bit I came up with a pretty fantastic design. I started out making a single momentary switch, but then thought "maybe I can piggy back the momentary switch onto an on/off toggle switch" Guess what? it works great! So I have both functions available without having to bend over to flip a switch or anything. I will try to post some pics, I describe how everything works right in each photo.
  2. You could send it to JHV3, he does mods & repairs. If you have the entire system upgraded, I think he'd do the repair for a discount. Email him for a quote and turn around time.
  3. Hello, do you still own these products? The FBV MK II is designed to work with many different amps, as well as controlling software. That said, some of the buttons relevance will vary depending on what device the FBV is connected to. The FBV MK II functions as follows when used with the Flextone III series amp: Function 1 - Press & hold for a few seconds to SAVE your current settings Function 2 - This button is NA (does nothing) with Flextone 3 series (I can think of a million things I wish it would do!) Stomp - This button toggles the Compressor on/off, whatever you have it set at on the amp. The volume pedal is always "active" and there is a toe switch (press volume pedal hard with your toe) to toggle between WAH and VOL function. I believe this pedal can be SAVED in whatever state you currently have it set at. At least I thought that was the case. I should double check that myself...
  4. I agree. My advice to anyone who gets their hands on a Flextone III, is to do exactly as you said... spend some time in manual mode just playing through each amp sound and building from there. While the presets are handy for bouncing around in 'demo' mode, the fact is most of the presets aren't very inspiring or dialed in. I have owned the Flextone III XL for many years but it did take many months of tweaking before I really began finding the depth of this often misunderstood amp. I would even go so far as to say misunderstood and underestimated, even by the developers, or so some of the presets would lead me to believe. I use the amp live, but also for recording (which I do almost exclusively direct) and people still to this day comment on how incredible the amp sounds.
  5. Did you check the fuse in back? Near the power cord connector. If blown, and if no spare, you'll need 2.0amp-250volt Slow Burn.
  6. Hi. I have used Line6 edit 3.0 many times, connecting two different Flextone III amps to my PC, successfully copying and loading sounds into both. Again, I am using version 3.0 and I have read that there are various versions out there (most of which do NOT seem to work with FT3), not to mention 3rd party softwares that have also been abandoned. Something to consider when working with the Flextone III amps... The product is no longer supported by Line6 so don't be surprised when you find yourself completely in the dark on some issues. Keep posting, keep reading, and keep the faith.
  7. I agree. I have been using the Flextone III XL exclusively for years. I have only recently added the M13, using the (6) cable method. Additionally, I have designed my own dual-expression-switch that unlocks even more features within the M13. Too bad the product is no longer supported (Flextone). Its hard to find simple answers sometimes, concerning the Flextone and other products together. Anyone out there using an M13, FBV shortboard, MIDI switching both simultaneously? This I would love to discuss...
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