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ios 8 and fx-100


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...is giving me a hard time...

honestly, in my case it is unusable. It crashes continuously and I have to reset my iPad every time.

Before IOS 8 update I didn't had any trouble.

Is it just me?


Other question: where do I find my tones. I want to backup them before something goes wrong.\


Thanks for an answer


Paul, Amsterdam-NL

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Line 6 say 'very soon' they will release the fix for ios8, that seems rather vague for a product that is based heavily on using an iPad or iPhone, i was planning on using my fx100 for this weekends gigs but as i can't access the my tones editor i couldn't adjust levels to be gig ready, very annoying, i hope its released in the next few days, even if they gave us a rough time frame instead of 'very soon'... like you i had no issues before the update and have nothing but praise for the whole thing but this wait is frustrating to say the least



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