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StageScape Remote iPad has to restart/reconnect whenever app is switched on iPad

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Is there anything I can do to stop the StageScape Remote iPad app from closing when I multitask on my iPad?  It seems that whenever I switch from OnSong to the StageScape Remote application, the StageScape app has to be re-opened and I have to wait for it to reconnect to the M20d mixer. I am using the proper iPad mult-task procedure (double click the iPad button) when I switch from OnSong to the StageScape.


I can successfully switch between OnSong and other applications without having to reopen them so this appears to be an issue specific to the StageScape app.  If anyone has a way for me to configure the StageScape app to persist when switched from,  it would be greatly appreciated. If not, this is definitely a fix I hope Line6 will work into a future release of the StageScape Remote app.

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Looks like this has been a problem since 2014. Guess I will keep looking for an answer. I have found a way around this but you will have to get your hands on an old IPad 1. It has no trouble running Onsong and Stagescape at the same time. Switching between the two is no problem. The old iPad 1 has Onsong ver1.999. Where my iPad Air has Onsong 1.9992 and as you may know I can not downgrade to try working with Stagescape. If anyone has a newer IPad with Onsong ver1.999 it would be interesting to know if it is the Onsong version causing this.

Well I will send something of to Onsong to see if they have any ideas.

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