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I need to dismantle UX8 to replace a worn volume pot ... HELP ?


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Hi guys


I am new to the community so I hope I have posted correctly.


I need to replace the main volume pot on my UX8 . I have got the part from LINE 6 but am not sure how the unit  comes apart  !! Has anybody got any advice for me as I can find no service manuals or circuit diagrams etc.anywhere. :(


I have tried a switch cleaner spray but its' effectiveness does not last long !!


Thanks in anticipation !!



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Hey There and Welcome to the forum.


Schematics and diagrams are usually for authorized service centers only. You "may" get lucky off a google search.


But for a volume pot it shouldn't be too hard to take the unit apart if you take your time and take pictures as you go.


I don't have a UX8 so take this with a grain of salt (based off taking various rack fx apart).


1) chassis screws. There are going to be ~ 8  - 10 located on the top, back and maybe sides (to get the cover off).


2) Then all knobs with washers and nuts (front and back)


3) Depending on how the pot is mounted (assume main pcb) the mobo is going to have to come out.


4) Desolder / Resolder -> be careful on how much heat you use and make it clean.


5) Reverse the process.


Pictures and little cups (or similar) marked with what goes where.


It can get messy.



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Hi Bill and thanks for your warm welcome and indeed for your swift reply.


I have bit the bullit and so far have got the main case off ( thanks ) ... but not yet the front facia panel which looks quite complex.. ( I am no engineer !! )


I will wait for daylight and then try to get further ... I can now see the rogue pot ,  and replacement should not be too hard once the front is off ... thanks again ... I will let you know how I get on !!



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