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Line 6 Product Repair FAQ

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Q: My Line 6 device is malfunctioning. Where can I get it fixed?
A: Please check your product Manuals and our Knowledge Base to ensure that your unit is truly malfunctioning before taking the unit to your nearest service center. Also be sure to Register your Line 6 gear to your Line 6 account. A dated proof of purchase is required if you are having any warranty work performed. Please be aware that "expedited" and "rush" fees will not be covered under warranty for any reason.

***Please note: Repair time can vary from weeks to months depending on the kind of repair and the availability of replacement parts.

United States:

You can have your unit repaired at any one of the Line 6 Authorized Service Centers across the United States.

You may have a distributor or service center in your area that can perform the repair. If you need to translate this text, do so here.

Q: How much is it going to cost to get my Line 6 device fixed?
A: Line 6 is unable to provide estimates on behalf of our service centers, as the service centers establish their own repair rates and bench fees. For non-warranty repairs, user must be prepared to pay any shipping costs, labor fees and parts costs associated with your repair. With a validated warranty, Line 6 will pick up the cost of the repair, not including shipping from the user.

Q: Where can I purchase parts for my Line 6 device?
A: Line 6 provides a number of replacement parts through our Online Store. If you are unable to find the part you need on the store, you may contact one of our Service Centers or Dealers to special order some parts. Please keep in mind that parts sales are at the service center or dealers discretion. Line 6 DOES NOT do direct parts sales.

Q: Can I fix my Line 6 device myself? Can I get repair assistance from Line 6?
A: If your Line 6 product needs repair, we strongly suggest you contact the nearest authorized service center in your region. Line 6 does not offer repair assistance via email or telephone. Also, Line 6 does not provide circuit diagrams, blueprints or schematics for consumer use at this time. Keep in mind that should you choose to modify or repair your unit at any time during your warranty period, the warranty will no longer be valid.

Q. I’m not sure if my unit is under warranty, how do I find out?
A: Please refer to our Product Warranty FAQ for all warranty information.

Q: I want to customize my Line 6 device, but I do not know how to do the customization. Does Line 6 support customizing or modifying gear?
A: Line 6 does not support the customization or modification of Line 6 products, outside of official firmware updates or hardware upgrades performed by an authorized Line 6 service center. Unsupported customizations or modifications of your Line 6 device will void the device's warranty.

Q: Is there a way that I can determine the date of manufacturing of a Line 6 device by the serial number?
A: All serial number information is for internal use only and is not made public knowledge.