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Pod 2.0 connecting to PC
by oziff on 2012-03-04 17:41:30

I have a Pod 2.0 a few years old I am trying to connect to my PC. The FAQs say:

Q: How do I conenct the POD to my computer to record?

A: In order to record the audio signal of your POD / POD 2.0 directly into your computer, you will first need the proper type of software that is capable of recording audio loaded into your computer.

I went to the download page and downloaded Line 6 Monkey, but when I start it up, it asks which device I have (from a pull-down) and Pod 2.0 is not listed. Did I download the wrong software? Which is the correct software and how do I use it? I want to record guitar through the Pod 2.0. Thank you for any responses as I am a beginner.


Re: Pod 2.0 connecting to PC
by BigBob369 on 2012-03-04 22:59:47

That makes two of us.  I've been trying to figure this out for the last two hours and finally came here to ask also. 

And I'm just trying to download some preset tone's from custom-tone.

Furthermore there is no CD that came with the POD 2.0 as mentioned in the online user guide, AND there's no cable with which to connect to the PC anyway. What's the deal?

Oziff, did yours come with these things?

Re: Pod 2.0 connecting to PC
by oziff on 2012-03-05 18:07:23


I was given thisPod 2.0  by my brother-in-law. I did find the Pod 2.0 manual online and printed it out. Still dealing with the mystery of how to connect to my PC. Maybe I should get a Mac and try Garage Band. If you figure out how to connect, keep me posted.



Re: Pod 2.0 connecting to PC
by BigBob369 on 2012-03-07 17:12:47

Apparently you need to get one of these to connect to a PC:

I'mstill waiting on delivery of mine.

<a target=new href="class="jive-image" src=""/>

Oh wait, if you're asking about which program to use or how to load it I'm not sure either.

Hopefully I didn't buy that for nothing. lol


Re: Pod 2.0 connecting to PC
by BigBob369 on 2012-03-07 17:32:27

I just tried to install line 6 edit and got to the part you mentioned. No POD 2.0.  That's really F'd up.

Perhaps we need to click the other MIDI thing and let the program sense it?  But since I don't have the cables yet I can't try it.

For a company that builds computer type devices all day you'd think their website wouldn't have so many blind alleys.

Hello Line 6?  Is this thing on??

Re: Pod 2.0 connecting to PC
by ikevolution on 2012-03-09 22:48:22

You guys need to have some sort of input device to use it. I have a toneport ux2, its kinda old but it works. After you have this thats when you can use gear box, and or Pod farm.

Re: Pod 2.0 connecting to PC
by BigBob369 on 2012-03-18 22:37:56

Oh. I'm just trying to connect to line 6 edit or something like that at this point. The advanced guide says to use the above pictured cable to do this, but nothing I've read is all that clear and I'm a total noob to both modelling gear and computer based music stuff.  And frankly I'm beginning to wonder if I didn't make a mistake getting involved.  It seems you have to be a computer techie type or a 16 year old kid to do this. I'm neither. I'm 50. 

Re: Pod 2.0 connecting to PC
by Mr_Arkadin on 2012-03-19 06:19:45

We have two different issues going on here: connecting to your computer for recording audio and connecting for Line 6 Edit control.

If you want to record a Pod 2.0 on your computer then it is exactly the same as if you were recording to tape. You have to connect the audio outputs to an audio input. There is no computer magic going on here - it is just analogue sound. You just connect the Pod's 1/4" outputs to the input on your computer (you may need adapter cables). Connecting MIDI will DO NOTHING for you in this scenario. MIDI is a digital data format designed to allow musical equipment to talk to each other for data control. More on that later. So now you just need to use a recording program in your computer (commonly called a DAW - Digital Audio Workstation) and record some sound. Which program you use is up to you - you'll have to do some research as there are many and preference is a personal thing. You may even have some audio recording packages bundled with your computer.

So what are the MIDI ports for? Well first you need to download Line 6 Edit if you want to use them at all. If you have your Pod connected via MIDI the Edit program will now allow you to edit and save tones (patches) from your Pod to the computer and vice-versa, allowing you to build up a library of tones that you like and save them to your Pod using the computer. If you wish to do this and do not have MIDI then Line 6 recommend the M-Audio MIDISport Uno as a reliable option.

Further reading:


Re: Pod 2.0 connecting to PC
by oziff on 2012-03-23 19:36:14


Thanks for your response. It clarifies things to a great extent. However it still leaves me baffled (as a total novice) what software I shouldget. Yes, it's a matter of personal preference, but is there one super basic one you know of? The Line 6 site led me (and Bob) to believe that they had software associated with the product that I could download from their site  online, but the Pod 2.0 is not on the list of pull down options. So if I understand you correctly, I need to get another program just to do some basic recording a la Garage Band?

Again, thanks for taking the time-


Re: Pod 2.0 connecting to PC
by BigChas52 on 2012-03-24 04:56:03

+1 to Mr_Arkadin's response.  For recording software you might try Reaper.  It has a fully functional trial period, is very versatile, and is very economical if you choose to purchase it.

Re: Pod 2.0 connecting to PC
by Thierry62 on 2012-11-26 07:02:49


I'd like to connect my Pod2.0 to my PC, in order to ba able to mix the sound of my guitar (comming out from the Pod2.0) and the sound of a playback (on my PC). I was wondering if the1/8 inch stereo plug coming from the left and right pod outputs of the Pod has to be inserted in the "microphone" or in the "line in" plug of my PC ? Is it a risk for my PC (excessive voltage for the "microphone" or "line in" input) ?

I don't have a separated souncard, it is included on my motherboard.

Moreover, is it a difference between "direct" and "AIR" mode when connecting the Pod to the PC in terms of "output voltage" or "level" ?

Thanks !


Re: Pod 2.0 connecting to PC
by toneman2121 on 2012-11-30 05:05:46

i would use line in and direct mode according to the documents. there is a host of info on connectivity and recording in the doc section on the pod home page. take a look if you haven't already. direct is used for recording and air is for live play. i don't think there is a voltage difference. there is a doc regarding air mode. anyhow, if you don't get stisfaction from my answer, open a support ticket, which can be found on your account page or start another thread, as this one is old and be sure to mark it as a question

Re: Pod 2.0 connecting to PC
by peterbennett26 on 2012-12-30 14:51:02
This is a good question. Professional gear often uses something called balanced 1/4" TRS connectors (or XLR), so it's the same diameter, 1/4",  as a normal guitar jack plug, but instead of having just a sleve (ground) and tip (signal), it  has a three sections the first long section, the sleve, is ground, then the ring (cold or -ve) and then the tip (hot or +ve). The left and right outputs of POD 2.0 are both balanced 1/4" TRS connections. If you use them both, POD will output in stereo, if you use just the left output, then POD 2.0 converts its output to mono form and puts it out through the left hand output.
In grounded equipment all the metal is connected and earthed, how exactly the professional equipment (TRS) works  I don't know but I guess in that kind of kit the signal can 'float' with its minimum above or below ground, so the peak signal is not necessarily earth plus X (peak) volts. No idea what advantages that (floating) can offer, but there must be some.
I don't know much about midi but I think its a digital way to control instruments, in the case of the POD  when you connect to the line 6 software, instead of turning the knobs on the POD, the software can do it via the midi interface, and its a two way process so you can store your manual settings on your computer as those lt6 files, or use somebody else's tone suggestions which uses the software and the midi interface to set up your POD. I have a keyboard with midi in and out and with some DAW software (lite version school freebie) my daughter many years ago wrote a tune for school project. But with that software she could actually use a mouse and picture of a keyboard on a screen, just quicker to use an actual keyboard to put the notes into the tune. That's the extent of my MIDI knowledge so far, but I now have Reaper DAW, so I want to connect the POD to my computer, so I also want to know what is the recommended or best way to connect the POD 2.0 to a sound blaster live sound card (and I have found something, see below).
One guy on YouTube connected the headphone output to his soundcard. There's the microphone input socket on my soundcard but also line level inputs.

"Line level is the specified strength of an audio signal used to transmit analog sound between audio components such as CD and DVD players, TVs, audio amplifiers, and mixing consoles.

As opposed to line level, there are weaker audio signals, such as those from microphones and instrument pickups, and stronger signals, such as those used to drive headphones and loudspeakers. The strength of these various signals depends on the output voltage of the source device, along with its output impedance."

Thus Line levels unfortunately mean different things from the wikipedia article:-
inprofessional sound studios they use dBU, in consumer products they use dbV.

"A line level describes a line's nominal signal level as a ratio, expressed in decibels, against a standard reference voltage. The nominal level and the reference voltage against which it is expressed depend on the line level being used. While the nominal levels themselves vary, only two reference voltages are .common: decibel volts [dBV] for consumer applications, and decibels unloaded [dBu] for professional applications."

Note from the POD manual these outputs will also work 'happily' with unbalanced -10dBV equipment and standard guitar cables.

From Line 6's knowledge base.

"Q: How do I conenct the POD to my computer to record?

A: In order to record the audio signal of your POD / POD 2.0 directly into your computer, you will first need the proper type of software that is capable of recording audio loaded into your computer. (e.g. Reaper)

You will also need a sound card that has an audio input.

If you have a Soundblaster type of card, you will need a cable that has two 1/4 inch mono plugs on one end and one 1/8 inch stereo plug. This cable can be found at most major music retailers. The two 1/4 inch mono jacks on this cable will need to be inserted into the POD's Left and Right Outputs and the other end of the cable should be inserted into the audio input of your computer's sound card. Make sure your sound card and audio software are configured to receive audio input and you should be ready to record.

If you are using another type of soundcard, like a unit that has an external break out box, you can plug directly into that box using a regular guitar cable of a balanced (TRS) cable. Be sure to check the documentation that came with the unit to configure it correctly."

My guess is that when POD refers to the audio input that's the line level input, on my card that is the blue coloured socket.

The information above may not be current, and you should direct questions to the current forum or review the manual.