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    Wowing people when switching from a Telecaster model to an acoustic model with the press of a button on the FBV....

    Surfing, Creating Amp and Guitar Models with VAX Workbench and Line 6 POD HD Pro Edit- yes that's fun for me

    I'm extremely interested in when the VAX Workbench and VAX firmware will get that supposed 2.0 update.

    I really want a Fractal Audio AxeFxII....I must say as of late they are taking the cake on updates and listening to their customers, I just need to save up a few grand for the unit and foot-board.
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  1. finally fixed...I missed this guitar now I really don't want to break it again...I wish it had came with a hard shell case since it deserves one
  2. The Relay G90 is a wonderful product you should check that out.
  3. Anyone have any heavy tones with that good feedback as soon as I step on the volume pedal? Amp models or FX models...or suggestions from existing presets? for the Pod HD pro or whatever will work with HD Pro Edit?
  4. It's all good I was just pointing something out that THEM, being Line 6, told me to bring it somewhere that hasn't existed in years...no hard feelings, at least the guitar is fixable just a simple piezo install, some shops refusing to install it, it could always be worse...I still have love for Line 6 but the Fractal gear is looking mighty delicious
  5. No offense but that's a pretty lame excuse to just accept the fact the list they have is out of date even though I got the the recommended authorized repair shop from L6 tech support over the phone which again just shows how on top of things they are.
  6. I don't have a problem with the list online being outdated, I can understand that...just a little ticked when I'm told over the phone to go to a place that hasn't existed in over 2 years and they have no idea themselves...they need to get on top of that, Maybe show a little respect to the departed as well.
  7. Is there a new flagship amp coming other than the DT? Is it just me or does the Fractal AxeFxII look amazing right now... I broke my JTV59...I must say I never really realized how much I depend on that guitar to play guitar in general now with the different tunings. It really is a btch to tune my Jag and Explorer to anything other than standard I just refuse to at this point. The piezo pickup that is broken is taking really long to get to my guitar tech I've been without my JTV since Nov last year...at the same time it's good use my other guitars it's almost like picking up a new instrument (Gibson Explorer) compared to using JTV for everything...yes I used it for everything it's that good
  8. Just updated my JTV59 through the HD Pro on Vista 64bit...Works Great....Love the new HD models....HD workbench is beautiful compared to the previous windows 98 looking software. Any chance of adding custom HD models to customtone.com? Thank you to everyone at Line6 that worked on this well worth the wait!
  9. Hey at least us Windows users can all agree on the fact that we finally see the year 2013 when Line 6 Monkey is booting up is kind of a good sign? Then again, it took them 6-7 into the year 2013 to even update that aspect.
  10. OK, wrong analogy, I meant I get the new technology selling the older model to Radio shack or wherever and getting the newer model with the money from the trade in....not trying to get into ATT bills on this forum, but thank you for pointing that out to people that don't know ;) .....anyway I agree with the JTV acoustics and basses as I'm now in the market for a new acoustic...but how about JTV Update anything???? Come on L6 I was so pumped up for the 2.0 firmware and HD Workbench and it's disappeared as we see new products, speaker systems, and new devices rather than the firmware update we should be getting. They are working on the sound-stage stuff clearly....I miss the old days of an actual firmware update to anything I own from Line6, that does not include the soundscape...
  11. I agree with the infrequent firmware updates that's really starting to annoy me when I look over at Fractal Audio and see they're at version 10x or whatever for the Axe-FX II....as for the the Edit software yes it could be better, I don't know if I would trust it on stage setting but it works really really well with my dream rig, I love turning a knob on the DT, HD PRO, JTV, pressing down on the foot-switch of the FBV and seeing whatever I'm doing in real time on the edit software from any of the devices I mentioned...maybe that's due to the fact I'm using the POD HD PRO Edit software, I don't have any of those issues you mentioned.... I'm also a little concerned in the original YouTube video L6 posted yesterday about the 500x, L6 compared the POD HD 500 to the iPhone 4 with the HD500x being the iPhone 4s....that leads me to believe if I'm going to stick with Line 6 for my rack FX and amp modeling, I'll need to buy a new device every year just like I do with apple (although I get the iPhone's for free since I simply trade in the older iPhone....hmm something to think about Line 6 a trade in program right???) I really like the way Fractal Audio handles the AxeFx II with all of the updates I've seen released....having said that, I don't have that kind of money for the unit in addition to the foot controller....but if I'm going to have buy a new L6 device every year to keep up...idk Fractal sounds very intriguing to my nerdy amp modeling mind....
  12. There's no reason why you shouldn't be able to get the difference in money back from sweetwater.com. They're really good about things like that. Give it a shot, if they won't at the very least give you a giftcard send me a PM I'll help you out with that.
  13. Raining, power flickered, Monster Power PRO3500 saved me again

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