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  1. BTW on the "HD500 Filter trem" audio clip, I'm playing simple quarter notes
  2. Back from the dead and thought I would give this another try. Summary: I have a Helix and am trying to recreate a HD500 preset (filter trem) on the Helix. Found the HD500 "filter trem" patch and loaded it into the "POD HD500 Edit" app (offline) so I can now see the presets, amps. etc.. Nothing special in the amps, mixer or controllers and while I can see there are multiple effects assigned, only a few effects are actually on. I've attached a screenshots of POD HD500 Edit with the patch loaded (FX screen only) Added 2 more screenshots that show the rebuilding attempt in HX edit and the main 3 effects are 1st in the top chain. Dyn, Filt, Mod and i have attached screenshots for each one. The settings look spot on. (DYN) (FILT) (MOD) In POD HD500 Edit I can see which effects are "ON" in the "FX" screen and can see the settings for that preset as well. I did find most of those same effects are available on my Helix in the "legacy" dropdown for similar effects. What I mean by legacy is, when you use the HX Edit for the Helix, and add a "filter" you can select either mono, stereo or legacy in the dropdown and that gives you different options of the filter effect. Line6 maybe added the legacy option for this reason? Anyway I have recreated the preset the best I can and all settings look exact to me, but it does not sounds the same. Some things are close but there is a bunch going on in that patch. I believe my issue is recreating the "pattern tremolo" effect. Does anyone out there have a HD500 and a Helix and the ability to assist? I know it's a big ask for zero reward but it would be nice to recreate that. I've also attached an audio clip of me going through patches on the HD500 in my drummers house so you can hear the patch in more detail if interested. I've also attached an audio clip of the recreated sound playing the same thing. HD500 Filter trem audio hd500.filter.trem.mp3 Helix Filter trem recreation fail audio helix.filter.trem.fail.mp3 Please don't bash me and thanks in advance. hd500.filter.trem.mp3
  3. I was unaware I could run the HD500Edit program offline to inspect the patch settings. I'll give that a try. I've got the tone and filter down but that delay is elusive . Thnaks!
  4. I know this is an old thread but I also want to reproduce a couple of patches form the HD500 to my Helix. Simply because I liked them and want to use them in the future. Specifically I was looking on how to build the HD500 patch called "FX Heavy, "Filter Trem". I've seriously tried but found it nearly impossible to replicate this patch on the Helix. This guy is demoing it. If anyone can productively point me in the right direction without reaming me for not utilizing the superior Helix capabilities (which I do every day) I would appreciate it. (queued for your viewing pleasure)
  5. You are correct, I just checked and I do not use the global settings Preferences --> 'Preset Numbering' = "000-127". I'm using "01A-32D" as you suspected.
  6. Thanks for the input so far and as I mentioned in my initial post, "I've reset my Helix several times such as holding down (5+6), (7+8), (9+10), etc.. and restarting, to no avail.". Maybe I'll call Line6 support for kicks and see what they say and report my findings, if any. I'm starting to miss the days of a simple pedal board that always worked. I love the Helix tones but this has been a handful for the few years I've owned it. Line6 had to replace the first 2 because they simply stopped working, now this one "works" but has dementia. L6 support has been great though.
  7. Sorry I don't entirely understand your reply. Is this happening to you too but only on the "For the love of steve" patch (which I am familiar with).
  8. Hi, I've search the forum and google for this issue but can't find anything about it. I updated my Helix floor to 3.01 and HXedit is running 3.01. Suddenly all my patches are offset by one location. For example patch 13C has the actual patch settings and sounds for 13D. 11B plays the sounds of 11C, etc.. All my patches on factory 1 and factory 2 are all offset by one (down) location on Helix. This started after I updated to 3.01 and I've been unable to find the issue. Has anyone else seen this or have an idea what might be causing it and how to resolve? Of course I've reset my Helix several times such as holding down (5+6), (7+8), (9+10) and restarting, to no avail. Thanks for looking.
  9. That's right, scribble strip above the pedal shows the percentage and yes, I have the full Helix. Thanks again
  10. BOOM! That was it! Thank you so much for helping me. Can you please explain why that caused this issue? I'm guessing the midi routing via USB (even though not in use) caused some clash with audio out via USB?
  11. Sorry I could have been more terse. When the USB cable is not plugged into my Mac, the Position parameter works fine and is at 100%... if the foot pedal is fully pressed down. It works as it should and the % changes as I move the pedal up and down. The instant I plug in the USB cable, it drops to 0%. But again, I can see the volume pedal position parameter levels go up and down from [0%] to [100%] as I move the pedal and even hear some audio as I change the volume. But then it always resets to [0%] the instant I stop moving the pedal, followed by a complete loss of audio. Oddly, if I put my Mac to sleep then the audio works fine, even if the USB cable is plugged in. Awake it from sleep and it goes back to 0%. I suspect this has to be something on the mac side.
  12. Hi and thanks for the quick replies. Just tried plugging the USB cable in and out (over and over) and it has no effect on the volume pedal position parameter level. Something else I just discovered is that when I toggle the actual volume floor pedal up and down, I get audio. But only while I'm moving the pedal and the instant I stop moving it, I lose audio again. I can even see the volume pedal position parameter levels go up and down from [0%] to [100%] as I move it. But again, it always resets to [0%] the instant I stop moving it and I lose all audio. Grr.. To help me troubleshoot I assigned a foot switch to the volume (on the patch I'm testing with) so I can turn it off and on more easily. I obviously lose the access to HD Edit when I unplug the USB cable and would have to spend a lot of time on the floor to turn the volume parameter off and on over and over for testing. Any other ideas?
  13. Greetings! New to the forum but not to the Helix or Line6 products. So I have a weird audio problem that's driving me insane. Here is my equipment list: Helix Floor running 3.01 iMac running Catalina 10.15.7 Logic Pro 10.6.1 M-Audio reference monitors (direct XLR to the Helix) I'm using the Helix as the audio interface and was using a Focusrite Scarlett Studio, but had the same issue with the Focusrite. The issue is there is no audio if the USB cable is connected to my iMac (unless I do a few tweaks to each patch, please read on). "Without" connecting the USB cable to my Mac. 1. If I plug headphones into my Helix, it works fine. 2. If I plug my Helix into an amp, it works fine. "With" connecting the USB cable to my Mac. 1. If I plug headphones into my Helix, I get no audio 2. If I plug my Helix into an amp, I get no audio 3. When I monitor a track in Logic via my reference monitors, internal speakers or headphones, I get no audio This is driving me mad and I finally discovered that if through HD Edit or the manual buttons on the Helix, I turn off or delete the volume pedal within an actual patch, I get audio! Also if I set the "minimum position" to anything above 0, within an actual patch, audio works fine. (see screenshots). So I checked the global settings and made sure everything was reset to default factory settings, still no audio. Reset all patches, to default factory settings, still no audio. To recap, when my Helix is plugged into my iMac, there is no audio unless I turn off or delete the volume pedal within an actual patch. I thought maybe my Mac was jacked up so I reset what can be reset on a mac, no luck. I'm suspecting this is some global setting because it affects almost every patch. There are a few patches that work without disabling the volume pedal, but I can't see any difference between those few that work and the ones that do not in their respective settings. Discovered workarounds are.. 1. Disable volume pedal manually on every patch. 2. Increase "minimum position" to anything above 0 on every patch. 3. Rinse off my Helix in the sink. What I want to happen: 1. Helix works without having to change each patch to disable or delete the volume pedal. I suppose I can do those changes manually but it would be time consuming and then it will not work when a USB cable is not connected to the Helix!? Also Yes I tried a various USB cables and USB ports. Has anyone else seen this issue or have an idea of what I'm overlooking? My guess is it's so simple I'll want to punch myself in the face when I learn the fix. Thanks in advance!
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