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  1. The cause is known. Unknown is only the solution - software or hardware - both variants are possible. I think it is a mistake that we have the new thread related to "plink".
  2. #1: Not variety of causes, but various factors that affect the single cause. This cause is known. #2: Yes. #3: Yes.
  3. I just remind - my guitar spent in service center in Netherlands 11 weeks.
  4. http://blog.line6.com/2010/piezo-pickups-the-heart-of-the-matter/
  5. Yes, there's more than one factor contributing to this problem but there's only one cause. Want to eliminate this cause is similar as want to abolish gravity. It is necessary to deal with the consequences - on most guitars they succeeded.
  6. Listen to my video at a time from 1.35 to 1.40 and from 1.55 to 2.05. This is not clipping. https://youtu.be/lHm3Tj-pa8I
  7. Here's the single reason: http://blog.line6.com/2010/piezo-pickups-the-heart-of-the-matter/ Do not look for another. Is only needed explain why the measures against this phenomenon not always work reliably.
  8. We all have the same Plink. The only difference is the volume. Plink same = same cause. Single cause. There are several factors, but the cause is only one. And is known.
  9. Hello, I am writing late, but hopefully it will be helpful for someone. This AUX works only with the headphone output. (It does not work with LINE OUT). OUTPUT LEVEL does not affect the input volume AUX IN. AUX IN jack also functions as a stereo output. If you do not drill a hole in POD 2.0 can alternatively use a MIDI socket (see figure).
  10. Not. I hear the same thing on all my guitars: JTV-59, Fender Stratocaster (USA made), Aria Pro II - Magna series and nameless acoustic guitar. The cause is always the same - longitudinal waves. JTV solutions - modification of the bridge or edit firmware.
  11. If I listen closely, I hear the plink even with unconnected guitar. Especially on the string A5. On the string A5 is recognizable also with the magnetic pickup.
  12. My opinion: 1. Plink is a normal phenomenon occurring on all strings. The most striking is usually on the string A5. Due to the oscillation direction (longitudinally) is not audible with the magnetic pickups. 2. Piezos / bridge on JTV have the ability attenuate this wave. However, this does not work reliably. 3. If this occurs on the string A5 - no trouble - plink is removed in electronics. 4. If this occurs on the string E6, the electronics doing nothing - we have the problem. If is the piezo E6 connected to the A5 input - plink is removed in electronics. If is the piezo A5 connected to the E6 input, it is hear the normal plink of string A5 (not always - sometimes is muted in the piezo).
  13. 1. Replacement of piezo - repair shop of the dealer. 2. Replacement the whole bridge - but from other guitar, which also had plink - useless. 3. 11 weeks in the Netherlands - supposedly exchanged the electronics. 4. I had to replace the piezo again - torn off wire
  14. They are working with an owner of an 89F in the US. The latest information from the April 5: "We will continue testing and we hope to have a solution soon."
  15. When comparing piezo vs magnetic (with palm muting), the piezo sounds really like mud. It's not a glitch, it's the feature.
  16. I think that the difference between HD500X and Helix is similar as the difference between two presets in HD500X. Did you also the comparing without modeling (no amp or effect)?
  17. Inasmuch that flaw was the same, we were not able to make a comparison test to determine the cause (bridge, elektronics). So I showed him the details of the defects and the way I was doing all the measurements. One strangeness - I had earlier on a string A5 strong plink, was measurable at the input the electronics. Now completely disappeared. Addition: His reaction was not significant. He just heard and acknowledged that it is the same problem. We tested the guitars only with POD HD500 + RCF ART 310A. Plink was recognizable even without any editing of sound - no amp model, no effect - only amplification. He promised that will continue negotiations with several people. He is a helpful fellow. I have also currently open support ticket and I can write that I am now slightly optimistic.
  18. Yesterday I had an interesting visit. Mr. M. from Yamaha arrived to me and brought a new guitar JTV-59 for comparison. This guitar had the same problem as mine.
  19. I play on JTV-59 and Stratocaster. Most of the songs I play on JTV-59, it's a good guitar, but ... If for some reason I take to performances only one guitar, I always will choose the Stratocaster.
  20. I use 2.21 from the moment it was published, palm muting is there slightly better compared to the version 1.9. But worse acoustic guitars.
  21. 52 string - not. I bought the guitar with 10 - 46 strings and with them it has to work. In this I am adamant. I do not understand the second question.
  22. 1. It can match the original Variax sound - if the producer devoted sufficient attention to equalization. 2. Piezo will always have worse palm muting and dynamics. This is simply a characteristic attribute of piezo, as well as sensitivity to the longitudinal (transverse?) Waves. 3. 1.9? Yes. Less sharp sound - less pronounced plink.
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