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  1. Hi guys, I was one of the first Amplifi buyers but sadly had to return it as...well, it just didn’t work properly. I tried at the time with a number of iOS devices and they ALL failed to maintain a permanent connection with the Amp. I seem to remember being able to play music, proving a connection was there, but then Amp control would drop. All in all it wouldn’t work as intended. So, I assume a number of firmware and app upgrades have been forthcoming so is everything now working flawlessly?? Would love to revisit the range Thanks
  2. Returned Sonic Port and bought Jamup from positive grid! Great online community of patches available within app. Sounds better too
  3. Just reopening this thread...angrily My sonic port arrived today and if this is correct and you can't search and use community tones then it's going back straight away! This is not helping my opinion of Line 6 as I just returned an Amplifi 75 due to constant dropouts with the App making it unusable. However when it did work it spwas the ability to access the community easily witting the app and demo or save these was the MAIN reason I purchased it. Looking to continue this in a working format is why I bought the Sonic Port. After playing with the App for an hour and failing to find this feature is why I came online and found a video of a someone using this feature in the App, one which looked a lot nicer than mine. I then realised this was not th '2' app and then found this thread Argggh Line 6 you are very frustrating! Listen to your customers and give us what the oh want. Without this feature and access to the thousand of online presets that you have acquired you have lost your advantage over your competitors
  4. Thank you I only have experience with Amplifi which I would have kept had the Bluetooth connection worked properly. Couldn't get any joy with technical and suspected it may have been that my iOS device was running latest software and maybe it required an Amplifi app update. So can you say how the sounds, tone, patches and performance of the mobile Pod would compare to the Amplifi? Do they have the same quality and are all the online community tones available for both? Cheers
  5. Are Pod farm, mobile Pod and Amplifi the same? So Amplifi has the tones built in, but using it as just an interface instead of the Pod studio to connect to a pc could I buy Pod farm and get the benefit of both with only one purchase? I would really like to know how mobile Pod compares to Amplifi TT? Thanks
  6. Long story short. Got Amplifi 75 really liked it but had to return and now stuck on what to buy. Use, practice, normally with headphones and running from iPad so also can play backing tracks and follow online YouTube lessons. Only use cloud preset at moment for access to community tones/patches Does Sonic port with included app give access to all features of Amplifi and capable of handling all cloud tones? How powerful will it be compared to an Amplifi TT Will the audio out also play the music on iPad at same time for backing tracks Any latency issues? Can you charge the iPad at the same time? Does performance depend on version of iPad? I have a couple but would prefer to use on a 30 pin iPad 3 Can you use to connect to pc as well as iPad? And if so does that allow free use of Pod farm? Would this give better or more results than iPad use gives?
  7. So it works the same and has zero latency? How much is the software to buy that comes free with the studio GX? Would it be worth it or does the TT have all features of the software anyway? Sorry for the noob questions. I had to return an Amplifi 75 due to connection problems and am trying to decide what next as I love the community tones to download. Can I also ask if there is any detriment to using the iPad app against the pc? Apart from speed that is? I downloaded the app to try and don't see the community tone search in it?
  8. Can you use the TT as an USB interface like the Pod Studio GX and download/use the free Pod farm software on the PC? Just wondering as with the TT being discontinued and on offers there isn't much in the price
  9. My bad the Apple connector is 30 pin not 32. However it Does have digital audio out. Common sense would suggest an adaptor or adapted lead would work. Would be happy with just the app itself working and using a seperate audio cable
  10. Cheers, it's the engineer in me needing to know Makes sense what you say if the spider only accepts digital audio. Doesn't make sense that the app itself wouldn't work to control amp as that part should be the same. Never made sense that the iOS has 32 pins when the USB end only had 9
  11. As pointed out to me by a forum member older iPads etc appear not to be supported. Which is a shame as I have one ready to go. Seems very strange to me and wondered if there was a workaround or a software update that will change this?
  12. ^^^ I'd ask for your money back even now as the item is unfit for purpose. I do however wonder how much may be down to firmware on the iOS or android devices that get continually updated and perhaps interfering with the apps? Either way line 6 should take responsibility and be more honest with its customers. I've returned my 75 but would buy again if they gave a definite fix.
  13. Sadly I have had to send this Amp back as it basically doesn’t work! I'm an engineer by trade so am used to faulting things on a daily basis. After a lot of testing I came to the conclusion that the app was the problem. Possibly due to the recent iOS update from Apple although I can’t be sure as all my devices run the latest releases. I don’t think it can handle playing music at the same time as controlling the amp itself. The iPad app would say it was disconnected despite music playing at the time. Exact same problem on all devices after eliminating any possible back round RF interference. I didn’t see the point in trying a replacement, at least not until Line 6 bring out a new version of the App
  14. Failing miserably to get this to work but only able to run latest iOS on number of devices. Anybody successful with older iOS or having problems with latest? Line 6 not helpful so may have to return amp 😕
  15. Will post pics later but anyone else get a 'connected' wording at the bottom of screen losing the 'level' and 'tune' buttons? This is what happens when app freezes. It then switches to not connected then syncing before returning to normal. All this time the iPad settings menu and amp lights show Bluetooth always connected. Sometimes music still playing. I think this is an iOS upgrade problem, unfortunately all my devices are running latest iOS. Anybody having theee problems since upgrading iOS or have older iOS with no problems!
  16. Ok, no response from last post on bluetooth connection so will try again as i now think its software not bluetooth is the problem have raised a ticket but it doesnt look like there is anymore effort being put into app improvements anyway app is locking up yet connection and ipad and amp appears connected.
  17. i can help you here as just been down this road myself: the short answer is no! the long answer is to do with latency and current bluetooth spec. basically the time taken to convert the analogue audio signal from the headphone output to digital, transmit-recieve and back to analogue is too slow. its getting there, i tried the current best solution of aptx low latency transmitter and headphones in the hope they would work being only 34ms delay. while this is fine for watching tv (lipsync is ok) its still too great for live playing with the guitar. we need something below 10ms which hopefully will become available in the next generation of bluetooth technology hope this helps
  18. Just a thought, but the Amplifi TT is being discontinued and going for silly money £85. Why not get one and leave the amp at home if you're using a PA?
  19. Still awaiting an official response so holding off sending this amp back but it constantly drops out from iPad. All updates, resets on amp and iPad completed. Will check tomorrow but pretty sure it's the app as sometimes music is playing through another app but Amplifi says not connected. So iPad sees it as connected! Will keep Bluetooth settings page open to check. Any ideas? I am concerned a replacement will be the same. Pity as love it when it works 😕
  20. i get this everytime i load Amplifi and select 'my tones'
  21. info says when in the 'now playing view' tap the 'Favorite Button'... But i don't have such a button! Ta
  22. My main interest in this amp was to quickly get accurate tones for songs to play along with as I'm new and useless at creating my own. I currently have a Fender Mustang and find this awkward especially as it has to be plugged into a pc. Loaded a pink floyd track and was quickly presented with a choice. Went for the one with stars and was very impressed with the representation plus sound quality of the 75. Also like the search function as wasn't aware of this and it's great to try a few tones out then quickly add to your favourites and rename them. I think it will be good to play along with my own backing tracks. Though probably through a third party app As you can gather I am impressed but now onto some negatives that may be doable and ideas. Interface is good but find the red on red icons hard to see. Audio playback needs better controls. A loop function and variable speed would be great Best of all would be a 'song' button where you could allocate four presets to different solos/rhythm tones and recall via a peddle switch A standard USB on the back to charge your device would also be good but I don't know if the existing USB with adapter has power to already do this? Price, this is relative I suppose and you do get a lot of bang for your buck but compared to the Fender series I would say it's a tad overpriced
  23. If I load internet backing tracks, say comfortably numb, into iTunes. Will Amplifi recognise it and download suitable gilmour tones? Also is there control over track playback like skip/rewind etc Many thanks from a prospective buyer 😀
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