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  1. You do know that it's blasphemy not to praise everything coming from Chad Boston... His disciples will have You burn in Hell. :D :D :D
  2. Ext Amp... post a post here http://line6.com/support/topic/31883-250-ext-amp/
  3. Blondiedk

    2.50 Ext. Amp

    Ext amp doesn't work probably after updating When switching ext amp with snapshots, the switch on the Helix (set in command center) switches status, but nothing's happening on the Amp. It worked perfectly in 2.30 but not in 2.50
  4. Version 2.5 will give us four more years with trump if we lollipop up the installation. Awesome looking update, btw
  5. I use Studio One 3 Artist... mean I have to pay more to use VST, AU etc...
  6. Will there be a standalone version? Or only as plugins? Stand alone would be awesome for home creation of patches to bring to researsel for the hardware. Also... will the software tell you when the hardware version would be out of processing power? (Assuming your computer has more power than the hardware.)
  7. Anybody know what lacquer L6 use on the jtv's, especially the blood red import jtv89f. From my collection of 30+ guitars, this one is worst sinner in regards to giving me a severe allergic reaction on my right forearm, where it's in contact with the guitar body... Most of the guitars makes me react over longer times of play, but with this one, my forearm is burning red after 5 minutes of play... I'm considering a refinish and want to make sure I don't use the same lacquer.
  8. Maybe I'm over complicating things... Maybe I could just use headphones out set to multi, split it with a y cable and use a small mixer like the Yamaha mg06 to mix the helix with the aux from FOH and send te output to to IEM. What do you say guys???
  9. Thank a lot for Your effort guys. :)
  10. Ok, cool thanks. But the IEM only needs to be on on Path, right? Making it possible to run dual amp and or parallel FX on the other path? ... Side question.... Can You, on the same main path e.g. Path 1 use f.ex. block 2 and 3 on path 1B for dual amp, Go back to 1 A for a few serial blocks, then do a new split to 1B to run a delay in parallel with a reverb?
  11. I think I get it... I need separate processing for Variax and Variax Mags. The Electric through wireless is for jumping into the audience for showoff, and will not be used at the same time as the Variax. But the four path idea will be the same I guess... Will I be able to run dual amps or fx in parallel or is the B paths "locked" by the Return 4 merge block? Shall the Return 4 merge block be present en both patch 1 and 2?
  12. Mono is not an option😎 I don't use regular guitar along with variax. And it shares path with the variax. But I do use the variax modeling together with the variax mags for blending acoustic and electric. So mags gets its own path. (In those preset mags would probably go to 1a and variax to 2a)
  13. Thank you very much José7822. I hope to get some info from the l6 guys meanwhile I'll dig into the manual and check out your suggestions.
  14. Possible? Blondiedk Posted 28 September 2015 - 06:57 AM Maybe digital igloo? Will this possible: Variax to variax input. Wireless to guitar input. Pedal in loop 1 Aux monitor send from FOH to wedge parallel out to R4 Main out L+R : all guitars (variax and/or variax mags or wireless) out to FOH Unbalanced out L+R: all guitars (variax and/or variax mags or wireless) out to FRFR monitors S3+S4 (L+R): all guitars + AUX monitor from FOH to IEM. Anybody have an idea if this will be possible and how it will be setup in the Helix and how much "path-space" I will "waste"?
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