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  1. kyfast

    The 4 cm is too messy

    Use a trs cable into splitter at either end. Then you will only have 2 cables from your Helix to make the connections. Not a big improvement, but one less cable.
  2. 2.80 I have an issue with the volume pedal, I use exp 1 to control the mix on my delay, and exp 2 as a volume. The problem seems to be, exp 1 works great on the delays, but when I switch to the volume pedal, it also controls the mix on my delays. Not sure what to do about this
  3. kyfast

    Helix ext amp control

    I fixed my original post. I guess my question is, if there is some voltage coming from the amp to power the LED's on the footswitch, will it harm my helix ext amp port?
  4. The foot switch on my Fuchs Fullhouse 50 has a trs cable, and has LED's on it. Will the Helix still control the channel switching, or are there voltages from the amp that will damage anything? Something is powering the LEDS, and I don't want to hurt the amp or the Helix.
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