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  1. Been using helix for about a year now without any issues... yet i had this wierd thing happening with the looper yesterdaynight at a gig... (i'm at fw 2.20) recorded a loop, everything went fine, but when i tried to stop the loop from playing, it was as if the stop/play switch was acting like it was functioning like the "once" button :wacko:... i could see the play -stop icons alternately lighting up on the scribble strip... a while later i had to make another loop, and this time had no issues whatsoever... The show closes with a final loop, and then it happened again... very strange indeed, and very bothersome... could this be a software glitch? or could it be the switch going bad? thanks for any input :)
  2. i've seen in the firmware sticky that this issue is listed as a known problem... Anyone had a chance to send in a "affected" patch?
  3. I'm experiencing the same problem too... anyone got to the bottom of this issue?
  4. Hello everyone, Long time M13 user, but decided to get myself a helix... loving it so far, yet have this very bothersome issue and i'm wondering if anybody else has had similar experiences... Using firmware 2.01 (i did this update before i started with setting it up) Had a couple of days of use with no problems whatsoever, yet the last couple of days, suddenly having complete volume drops. The first two times i did not know how it happened, but, now with it suddenly happening again within 20min. after powering up Helix, i discovered that the volume block all of the sudden drops itsself to 1% with no reason whatsoever.. slightly moving the expression pedal brings back the volume. (and you can see the parameter jumping back from 1% to 100%) The volume parameter is assigned to exp1, which has no other assings and is acting as a volume pedal only. Curve is set to logarithmic. I'm planning to use it for the first time at a upcoming gig next week, but i really, really don't want this to happen mid-performance... any help or suggestions? thanks!
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