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  1. I'm going to sell mine and not buy anymore Line 6 hardware. They decided to ignore customer needs with this one, it's not high enough priority. My replacement was a Presonus iTwo and my old Roland GI10 plugged into its midi. I no longer can use keys, but I'm sure I'll find a cheap controller some day. It's a shame too, I've been a Line 6 guy since the mid 90s when they hit the scene.
  2. Just to bump this thread, there has not been a fix for the KB37. There are compatibility issues with KB37 and El Capitan. Suggestions for the fix are to downgrade to Yosemite or earlier or use KB37 on another computer platform.
  3. So, I just upgraded to El Capitan and I'm having loads of trouble with my KB37 - which I might add was working perfectly under the previous OS. I suspect something has messed with the flash memory in the hardware. Same description of events as you monadayne. I had to go back to my GuitarPort, which is working just fine. Problem is, I need keys and my condenser mic to get my music rolling again. I'm pretty much at a stand still till they decide to work on this problem. Has anyone figured out a work around? Maybe some way to update the flash memory without Monkey and License Manager freezing up? Mac recognizes the KB37 since the upgrade, but I haven't used it with my DAW yet.
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