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  1. + 1 Did you find any workaround? I see this thread is last updated 3 months ago. No hope ?
  2. +1 from me guys. I am totally tired of this Line6 support, always malfunctioning. Maybe I need to buy a PC from the recycle shop - in other words this is what we've been suggested.
  3. When ? Any estimate ? I connect the POD X3 to my macbook and the sound works for 1 sec, then goes off.
  4. They don't give a S*. Noone has replied. They simply want us to buy new hardware which won't happen because there is no respect to us. I've been a Line6 client for the past 8 years. I've already started to search in other companies for similar equipment, targeting in software support and updates. and of course GETTING SOMEONE TO SAY A WORD !
  5. When ? In the afterlife ? Apple released Yosemite for developers some months before the official release for some reason. At least they should have mentioned that X3 does not work with the new MAC OS. The only option I have right now is to do a cold shower and pray for the unknown date of the drivers release... IF there's gonna be any.. This is truly unacceptable, whatever you say.
  6. Line6 are you really think that we're going to buy new Line6 devices that will stop functioning in 5 years? You must not be serious... right ? I can't really believe it that Line6 does not give a damn about so many people that are using POD X3s (also many are still using POD 2) and let buggy drivers crash their computers, including mine... I can't believe that I can't record or listen at all to any music right now... It must be a joke ! Should people sell their cars after 5 years because car industries discontinue car parts, or their printers because companies sell no inks ? I can't really get it, so If anyone does, please shed a little light...
  7. anyone please? Isn't anyone really using POD X3 and MAC OS X ?
  8. I am VERY disappointed and depressed about line6 support. I've been a POD user for a decade, having changed POD 2, xt, X3.... I can't believe this is the kind of support for thousands of people owning MACs (as the majority in audio engineering does). I am trying to find some kind of software that works for backing up patches, changing names, or searching through cabs and preamps. Unfortunately Gearbox needs a "hack" to work on the latest MAC OS X with the latest driver provided by Line6 themselves. This is really a shame for a company that has been trusted for many generations of PODs among musicians. Another thing is that Gearbox seems last updated... Line6, really?
  9. I am searching for the appropriate software to change my patch settings as I did with Gearbox in Windows but with my new Macbook pro. I've used monkey to update all software. POD Farm 2 as far as I understand doesn't have the ability to change settings "live". What should I do ? Gearbox is not working with the latest drivers. Am I doomed to press buttons on the POD ?
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