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  1. I'm not at home so I can't check but I did notice several months ago that my leds are now pretty useless. They seem to light up pretty randomly when I push the button (even once) and never indicate the battery level. I assumed something went malfunctioning there and I don't use it anymore :).
  2. Check this http://line6.com/support/topic/5247-spdif-in-and-out-simultaneously/ Does it help ?
  3. Are you trying to use the UX2 as your input ? Or only as an output ? Because Rocksmith only work with their "Real Tone Cable" as an input. And as this cable is an ASIO interface, I don't think you can run 2 ASIO interfaces at the same time.
  4. Ok, my bad ! My browser seemed to have cached the page and didn't display it. Thanks a lot then !
  5. Come on, this is EASY, just a few things to set. Right now your IdeaScale is useless as you can't search it and there are so many duplicates that it's annoying to follow. Are you even using it ?
  6. Nice ! I checked a few others and they all seemed to work (didn't check the data though, but at least it's not 404 anymore). THANK YOU !
  7. Youhou ! 5 months later, still not working, and still HTTP 404. Please hire any intern, almost any can fix that in a few days... RSS is the best way to keep up with everything you're interested in on the Internet and it's sad that it seems noone wants to give it love ! (although it's so simple !)
  8. I was wondering if the effects & amps available on the FX100 are the ones that are provided with the POD X3 ? In their ads they says there are more than 200 effects so I guess there are not the POD HD (there are a bit less) and as they say there are many existing sounds on custom tone, I guess this is not a new set of simulated gear but it's from previous products. If it's X3, isn't it a step back in "simulation" quality ?
  9. You need to add the search field in the Line 6 IdeaScale template. This is REALLY annoying not being able to search and to see all those duplicates. I want to see this at the top of the page, like that. Seem like you need to add "{IDEASCALE_SEARCH}" in the template (but not sure).
  10. I know it's becoming quite repetitive but... another 3 months later, still 404 errors on RSS links... Come on, RSS feeds are easy to make.
  11. Aaaaaand 4 months later, it's still not working... The button is there, the links are there... All of them still giving 404 errors...
  12. Okay, this is not the first time I'm using MIDI this way but it seems to me that something changed, this behaviour is strange and I don't know if it's the "normal" behaviour or the POD or if it's my software... I created a patch with effects mapped to FS1. I use Reaper to send a CC 51 message to enable or disable it. I think that the last time I used that, CC51 with a 0 value disabled the effect, A CC 51 message with a 127 value enabled it. But today it seems to toggle it, whatever value I send (0, 127 or any between). Is this new, or did I dream ? :) My goal is to record my guitar without me having to touch the POD HD500, a MIDI track on Reaper is controlling all the effects / patch changes. And now I have a problem : let's say that I record several takes as I did some mistakes. I can't just restart the recording, I have to reset the POD effects before, because if FS1 is OFF, a CC message will toggle it to ON, but if I stopped the recording while FS1 was ON, it will toggle to OFF. So the state of the POD is not predictable. I'd like to be able to start the playback anywhere in the track and have to POD set to the correct state. It could work if the POD was considering the value of the CC message, but it doesn't seem to be the case, or I'm doing something wrong. I don't know if it's possible for Reaper to know the state of the POD and send a CC to reset FS1 (I'll also ask on the Reaper forums). I configured it to send a "all-notes-off" and "reset CC" but the POD doesn't seem to react to those messages. Any idea of what I could do or what I did wrong ?
  13. You're right, I think this is quite easy : just add models / pickups to Workbench, and let the user choose the models they want in their Variax. Line 6 don't need to change anything to the default models (preventing complaints ^^). Like they did for the "high gain" models in the last update : the custom 1 bank on the 89 reverted to the factory defaults and the user can load again the high gain models, on any slot they want through Workbench. For the "power down" feature, I thought that if you set the volume to 0, it shuts down the Variax. And if you disable the modelling it drains the battery ? I didn't notice that, the battery is always in my guitar and I didn't notice a loss of power if I don't use the modelling. Else, the solution right now is to power the Variax with a VDI cable...
  14. Hey Line 6 ! A small reminder : RSS feeds still give me a "page doesn't exist" error ! It's been more than 2 months !
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