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  1. Just to add another data point, it took me several tries to successfully install 2.0. I connected using the USB interface, got the "failed" message first time, went back to 1.9, re-upped to 2.0 and got a "completed" message ... but dead silence from the guitar. Unplugged, replugged, down to 1.9, tried again, "failed", unplugged, replugged, down to 1.9, back up to 2.0 ... that last time a success.
  2. Wow ... I thought my JTV-59 stood out from the crowd with the tree-of-life with hummingbirds fretboard markers ... this is another level!
  3. Great video - the side-by-side comparison makes it much easier to compare these models. To my ears, the biggest change is the sharpness of attack added in V2.
  4. I like that, in the new workbench, we can mute a string for one (and only one) "custom" tuning. Before, this was only a global option. Now we can have the tele in bridge position switch to a Keith Richards-like "blues G" tuning with the low-E muted.
  5. This is a feature I use and love. And don't forget that a virtual capo is treated the same as any other alternate tuning, so you can play a song with capo-7 simulated, and instantaneously switch with the footswitch mid-song to capo-0 for the solo. Because you'll probably want a different tone for that, you'll probably change more than just the virtual tuning.
  6. Those of us with the "daydream rig" (JTV > HD500 > L2t/L3t) would also enjoy such a forum!
  7. Since you want to make all of the piezo models uniformly louder, maybe you could increase the string volume for each of the six strings in the Workbench software. You'd only have to do that once, instead of increasing the model volume for all of your models. From the FAQ: Q: Can I adjust individual string volumes? A: Yes. When you open the Editor screen in the Workbench Software, under the "Editor" menu, you'll see a choice for "String Volume Setup" at the bottom of the menu. This brings up a group of 6 sliders to set the balance between strings. Remember that these are global settings (not per patch), so that changing the balance will affect all of your different models. Select "OK" once you have changed the strings to the desired levels. As a side note, it's normal for many guitars to have volumes that differ from string to string. One example of this would be guitars with combination of a fairly small fretboard radius and pickups with non-staggered pole pieces. It can also happen with guitars that have peaks in body resonance at or near the fundamental or one of the lower harmonics of a specific note.
  8. There is a universal string volume setting in the Variax workbench for the modeled tones (Larry is correct). This will apply for all models - unfortunately you can't set up different volumes for different models. I wish I could set up a five-string, "blues-G" tele for Keith Richards' songs by setting the 6th string to 0 volume, but this currently isn't an option.
  9. Same problem here. Has anyone tried taping the strings down at the bridge end with, say, painter's tape? Maybe that works.
  10. Ah, sorry, I misunderstood your original question. I've used mine in coffee-house style venues, as the PA for guitar and vocals. In a larger venue with an existing PA system, I'd probably use it as a high-quality monitor ... but I haven't played anything larger since I got the L2t.
  11. I love this little thing. You can even switch it to flat input (no amp sim) for the acoustic setting of the JTV. Even though it's solid state, it sounds like a tube amp. And it runs for hours on batteries!
  12. I'm using a L2t, which is like the L2m but also has a mixer for separate guitar/mic inputs. My rig is JTV-59 > HD500 > L2t. The acoustic guitar sound (bypassing any amp sim on the HD500) sounds beautiful and realistic, like an amplified acoustic, and with a press of a switch on the HD500 I can have an overdriven electric sound. To pick one example, I learned to play the acoustic part of "Hotel Cal." with capo-7, but the electric part without a capo. I can instantly switch between the two, and both sound great through the L2t. Simultaneously, I can sing into the mic plugged into the other input of the L2t. With this rig, I really don't need an amp.
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