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  1. Alexsnowflake

    Pod X3 Live OSX Yosemite

    Bought my X3L in 2010, at this point I'm not expecting any feature improvements on Gearbox just keep using it on Yosemite the same way it did on Mavericks.
  2. Alexsnowflake

    Pod X3 Live OSX Yosemite

    I'm not quite sure if Gearbox it's not working on Yosemite because Gearbox itself or if the driver needs an update in order to communicate with Gearbox. Not taking care of these issues is a great marketing tool to dissuade people from upgrading to Pod HD. I'll consider some other brand more customer oriented for my next upgrade.
  3. Alexsnowflake

    Pod X3 Live OSX Yosemite

    Can we expect a new driver able to make Gearbox to communicate with POD X3 Live ? If the answer is NO at least I'd like to know it from L6.
  4. Alexsnowflake

    Pod X3 Live Usb Device Not Recognized

    You are right, support is still available till end of this year. They couldn't provide a solution because Gearbox won't be updated. But.... Last night after trying few things got it working and the funny thing is that what it causes Gearbox not to work on Mavericks is not Gearbox itself but the latest driver with the added support for Mavericks. This is what I did: To remove driver 7.3.6 1- On a terminal run this command sudo pkgutil --forget com.line6.driver.xtaudio.package (enter) 2- Then this sudo pkgutil --forget com.line6.driver.xtmidi.package (enter) 3- Reboot To install driver 7.2.9 4- Downloaded driver version 7.2.9 http://line6.com/software/readeula.html?rid=5675 5- Run the 7.2.9 driver package to install it and ended the process with a reboot After that Gearbox is working on Mavericks, at least that was my experience. Hope this helps Alejandro
  5. Alexsnowflake

    Pod X3 Live Usb Device Not Recognized

    Answer from Support was Gearbox won't get updated for Mavericks, you can downgrade to ML or use a Windows based PC. Three things that I dindn't want to read. Maybe I'm wrong but PODX3 Live is not that old to not keep Gearbox updated. Anyway, like it or not that's the answer I've got. Alejandro
  6. Alexsnowflake

    Pod X3 Live Usb Device Not Recognized

    Good point, I've just opened a ticket. I'll update with the news. Regards Alejandro
  7. Alexsnowflake

    Pod X3 Live Usb Device Not Recognized

    Same error when opening GearBox on Mavericks: "Ignoring connection to POD X3 Live. This device has an incompatible driver installed." Setup: iMac 2.7 GHz Core i5 8 GB, OS X 10.9, Driver 7.3.6, Monkey 1.6.5, GearBox 3.72.0, POD X3 Live Firmware Flash Memory 2.01. Tried NVRAM/PRAM reset, changed USB cable, uninstalled the driver and installed again, re-installed GearBox with no luck. Same setup was working on Lion. Any help would be really appreciated Tks Alejandro