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  1. Well, step temple seems to be working for some of you and not for some of you, Maybe the problem is the combination of different amps and affects along with the delays you have, try a new preset with just the delays and see if they don't work
  2. Yes, i had the same problem with the variax models not displaying correctly, on top of that, i want the 2 different guitars to have different settings for the tone knob, i set it to force the tone knob to different positions, but it doesn’t change the tone knob settings at all.
  3. still should be able to disable it if you want
  4. no, i send patch changes and cc messages from helix, i was able to filter out the patch changes on channel 16 using my program, but this should work as advertised. also, snapshots in 2.8.2 are buggy as hell with my variax 500, not recalling or displaying or both the different variax guitar models.
  5. no, i use usb to send patch changes from helix, as well as continuios controllers, i was able to filter the patch changes Variax sends out in my program, but this still needs to work as advertised.
  6. under global settings in my Helix, 2.82.0, i have MIDI PC Recieve turned off, yet, when i switch guitar sounds on my variax, helix sends those patch changes out to my computer, this needs to work correctly please.,
  7. bug 1. 2.5 bugs, during my gig, presets 1-4, my main presets, dissappeared, when scrolling thru banks, it went from 5-8 to 124-127, rebooted, still gone, after a minute, they returned by themselves. bug 2. in the screen menu for which variax guitars are chozen, only my custom banks show up, all others are blank, left handed variax
  8. i didn't find this on idea scale this morning, so i started a new one for momentary snapshots, this would be huge
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