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  1. Late to the party. Leaving this here for anyone searching for info on electric violin, which is what I play. Firehawk is awesome. :) My favorite of all I own, including my Pod HD (which is excellent and a bit more advanced). I call FH my "shut up and play" box, because it really inspires me to just play. The HD has lots of impressive, esoteric patches. FH is more meat n' potatoes. Useable stuff. One of the reasons I like it so much: Many guitar patches don't translate well to electric violin, which is of course smaller and higher. A lot of patches won't work outta the box. With both the bluetooth and the knobs on the front, that can be changed in about 30 seconds from start to "saved". A patch like "Day Tripper" might have a nice, thin 60s vibe on guitar. On violin it sounds like giving a root canal to The Chipmunks, it kills brain cells. :) 2 seconds messing with the app, pulling down the treble etc. and it's useable. After that, one can mess with all the parameters and really create tailored patches.... but I basically went through all the patches and 'corrected' most of them for use with electric violin. So much easier to do with the phone/bluetooth, this thing can really sound great.
  2. Hi, how do I get Sonar to not "see" my Pod HD? I'm using the analog outs from the POD into my other interface, Boss BR 800. All I want to do with the POD and the computer is to use HD Edit. Sonar doesn't like having two interfaces plugged in, it tends to act weird even if one is not doing audio. Advice? Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the responses. I disabled McAfee and haven't had a crash since. I'll come back to this thread in a day or so in case anyone is using the search, but right now it appears to be working well.
  4. The last when was Bad Pool Header (I think) with mfefirek.sys, which I assume points to Mcafee. I've disabled it and I'll see if it continues/
  5. Thanks. How do I go about checking this? Is it simply a matter of turning the antivirus off and seeing if it happens again?
  6. My computer is about 3 weeks old. Windows 8.1, Intel i5, 8 gigs ram. It's been flawless until I introduced the Bean recently (was using a Boss BR800 interface). All signs point to the Pod, I have had 8 BSODs. The Pod is up to date with drivers etc. AFAIK everything is. From googling, I see that this has happened to others. Any advice/fixes? I could always just use the analog outs and put them into the Boss, but I don't really want to go that route. THanks...
  7. Problem solved. Crappy cords and a crappy receiver were to blame. And now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna rock down to Electric Avenue. :D
  8. THanks for the responses. I switched cords, and now I have sound on one channel only. Somewhat bizarre, because it's consistent. Are there any known defects with the beans (this unit was purchased about a year ago)? I'll get some different cords today. I had two amps (Alesis RA 150) die on my so I'm using a home stereo receiver until I can upgrade my monitors. I'll do some more experimenting today, thanks again.
  9. Hi, My output levels are ridiculously low. I'm outputting to a home stereo receiver with KRK St6 monitors. I also have a Boss BR800 interface which is running perfectly (not at the same time of course), I'm swapping the same cables (with 1/4 inch adapters as Boss uses RCA) so I know everything is fine in that regard. The usb to my computer works fine, levels all correct etc. It's just the output from the Pod that is the problem. Could it be my adapters? AFAIK they are TRS. I did notice that when I pulled one out a bit, the volume was fine on one channel (but buzzed if I pulled out both). I'm not well-versed on my electric, I'm I doing something wrong there. As far as output, I see on page 4 of utilities that I'm using the studio/direct setting and I don't see any other settings. Thanks for any help.
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