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  1. Hey can you guys argue somewhere else, people are trying to read this trying to get useful information out of it, not to read pages of round and round. arguing on the internet is like trying to push ... up hill. nobody wins and everybody comes out of it stinking of ...
  2. id just look for some screen protectors for tablets, phones etc and cut them down to fit, doubt that therell be enough demand for someone to do a production run
  3. i just spoke to my PMT store in Leeds where i normally go. i was told that theyre expecting their first ones in "near Christmas" hell i cant wait that long !!!!!
  4. Link to Helix cheat cheat now live in support ....................
  5. eventually managed to get it to do it, ended up turning the ipod off and back on again and reconnected and this time the ap recognised the connection, then did it via bluetooth.
  6. brilliant tried to update to 2 followed the instructions in the utility im gettingthe 4 flashing lights now and hte updatinf firmware but nothing happening. ipad will connect via bluetooth,but the ap isnt recognising a connection so i cant do it wireless someone please help
  7. not a worship setting, 5 piece band with 2 guitars and keys playing 80's heavy rock.its a big pa., almost 8k and the bleed on stage is loud, even with floor monitors im struggling to hear, i get "more me" through my monitor, but im not feeling it properly , if that makes sense. think ive sourced a 2x12 cab and a small pa amp, ill give that a try. one of the biggest problems is that i program my patches using a full range powered pa cab, but when i plug into the the band pa the patches sound totally different ,obviously due to the voicing of the PA, i dont have time then to program patches properly, so im hoping that by having consistency with my own amp/speaker on stage, that can then get miked up , i dont need it to be overly loud just consistent so that i know what the patches should sound like and then get the FOH to match what i expect
  8. Hi Guys, usually when i work solo with backing tracks i use the XLRs out straight into a mixing desk. in a band im currently playing in im strugglng to hear myself as we have a (almost) dead stage, im looking to also run into a pa amp and a 2x12 cab so that i can monitor myself on stage. is there anything stopping me running both the XLR and 1/4" ouputs at the same time? i have the pod set to studio/direct and realise this will add speaker modelling to the signal going to the PA amp and 2x12, but is that much of a problem, if its too bad, then i could always mic the 2x12 into the stage snake. hope you can help guys im getting really frustrated with not being able to hear myslef, we want a silent stage , but its a bit of a moot point when we have a dbl bass kit and 4k PA bleeding back onto the stage Cheers
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