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  1. Anyone know a locking tuner that is a STRAIGHT replacement for teh existing locking tuners? i dropped the guitar and broke one :( need a replacement, would rather buy an individual spare but doubt i can do this so looking for a set that will drop straight in with no additional drilling. Cheers Chaps
  2. hey guys how do i down load there?, im a bit of a doofus regarding this stuff
  3. This. i did exactly the same, updated the updater, updated the firm ware, but didnt update the editor, i had the new amps and fx showing on my helix but not on the editor, updated the editor and everything works fine, easy mistake to make,
  4. Hey come on guys, he didnt say factory presets, he said presets, maybe he means his own creations. ive not checked with mine, but i sure hope that the basic sounds of te helix havent changed since the update as i spent a LOT of time getting my presets right to sit with the band
  5. you bought something, it works, why worry about what else your gonna get, your tones very harsh man for a user forum. someone starts "with all due respect" that generally means theyre about to show none, along the lines of " im not racist , but " not up for debate , for the "peanut " gallery, so if you dont expect comments on your post in a social group. just send it straight to line 6 , then we wont have to "debate " it
  6. i think this would be a cool product and id love one, but the production cost would probably stop it being worth trying to sell. i gig regularly and use lots of line 6 gear. JTV, Helix POD HD, Wireless etc, but 1000, would stop me buying it, but then im not saying thats what it needs to sell at, just at that price point id be out . i use jtv wired and 2nd guitar wireless for times i wont to be more mobile, and i can make it work. now if the JTV wireless receiver could also recieive from my G55 i might consider it. but id be think more about a max of £500
  7. ive found a lot of the custom tone patches to be very hit and miss, but, theres a patch on there called duran duran, its pretty simple, one basic , doesnt sound overly like the duran duran i remember, but its a lovely clean chorused sound, 80's sounding , and fits in with a lot of stuff pretty well, ive used it and edited it for other stuff to make it more versatile, but the basic tone was the exact 80's clean sound i had in my head !!!
  8. when i bought my Variax i had a problem in that the charger wouldn't work, when i took it back i was told that the batteries were coded to the chargers to stop 3rd party batteries being used, if thats the case then maybe only the missing charger will work. maybe hat they told me was BS, but im sue ive read of issues along the same line on here somewhere.
  9. not overly sure, but i doubt very much theyre based on helix. ptobably based on whatever the previous spider was, or maybe the firehawk
  10. Hey Fella, hes just a guy making a living. you either believe it or not, but from my own point of view ive bought glens patches before for the POD HD and the Helix, and there is a hell of a lot of work in them, if youve got access to all the capture software, analysis software and the SKILL to create your own patches then thats great, but the vast majority of owners dont, and surprisingly not everyone who wants a great tone can figure out how its arrived at, they just know what they like. Glens sells patches , sure, for the amount of work he puts into them , the quality of the vids he produces, and not just ones trying to sell his products, and the SUPPORT he will happily give if you have any problems , well if you throw all that into the mix then , at least in my opinion his patches are extremely good value. wont be to everyone's taste, for the same reason everyone doesn't play the same guitar or where the same shoes. but great tones none the less..
  11. mine was same. sorted now. anxious i wasnt going to get my fix :)
  12. Ive had a recent Bad experience using a DAW meter to set my patches for LIVE use with a band. i set all my patches to around -12db and the solo boosts to about -9db. but when i used these patches live there was a big differnce in "perceived" volume, the clean patches that read -12 were swamped by the other instruments and some of the od patches where very variable in how they sounded level wise i found that i had to a lot of tweaking on the fly to boost the clean sounds up and lower some of the gain ones, also the solo lift needed to be nearer 6db and maybe higher still on some. the patches sounded great in the studio over backing tracks, but just werent loud enough with a band. they didnt sound tonally different, they just werent there enough. just something to watch out for
  13. youve gpt different pic ups in both guitars, your guitar with the dimarzios in is a strat in name only. you either have to accept that the dimarzios are hotter and use that as a tonal difference, or run a copy set of the same patches throttled back, or alternatively have patches that get teh best from the variax, and patches that get the best from the "fender" and use them alternatively or option 3 , go into work bench and increase the output levels of the variax models so that they level match your other guitar
  14. Where has this come from though?, has there ever been an official comment from Line 6 ?
  15. im pretty new to the helix, but as a simple level boost, ive been using a gain (vol) block at the end of the run and pushing the level by about 5db, i found any less wasnt getting over the band live, only need about 3db against backing tracks but need more with a band to jump out,
  16. well after lusting after a Helix for almost a year ive finally pulled the trigger. been following the forums avidly since it was announced last year, put off from getting one by the initial porblems that many were having, then couldnt get one due to availability in the uk, then joined a new band and wanted to keep my rig stable till i got used to all the material. got my hands on one on demo for the first time today and blown away, even with just a cpl of the presets it was great, the marshall sounds were so much more real than my previous PRO HD. the last year or so ive been using a Blackstar Series one 200 head and a 2x12 cab and a large pedal board with external effects as well, im very much hoping that the HELiX will replace all that, to be fair carrying a 60lb head and rig around is destroying my aging body :) cant wait to dig into it and get it running !!!!! combined with my Variax im hoping its going to be a total workhorse
  17. id suggest you have issues somewhere, i used my jtv 69 through a pod HD PRO X and have never had any tuning issues, using mags or models. obvs if you were using a 12 string model that would cause problems, but other wise never had a ny tuning issues, either direct, vdi or wireless.
  18. well i got resigned to the fact that in the UK its not coming soon, so i got me JTV 69 instead, now using that with my HD PRO X and all the JTV switching it can do, that might satisfy my gas for a good while yet, might even be able to stop visiting this thread 5 times a day !!!
  19. i wouldnt have said easy, first you need a pick guard thats the right template, eg the pick ups might not be in quite the same place on the variax as the new guard, also the pots, from the look of the variax, the 3 pots are built into a single unit, and s different plate might not hove the c/c in the right place. think carefully about doing it, id be looking at getting a template to a custom scratchplate maker and having them buiild you one to the shape you want rather than trying to find one that needs adapting.
  20. Well im also in the UK and resigned to not being able to get a Helix till the new year, but to be honest, with the issues with them at the moment im kind of glad to hold out as i cant be having it failing at functions especially with the Christmas / new year gigs.. so i decided to get a Variax JTV 69 instead , and hopefully when the Helix is more readily available i can sell the other kidney to fund it :) but then i ordered that as "in stock " only to find out it isnt and its got to come from Yamaha Europe. damn my luck
  21. i was in my local PMT at the weekend, and i got basically the same story. i have no patience, ill have saved for an axe fx by then lol
  22. Swan flight do them - and ive had a cpl of these cases, a cheaper alternative to the swan
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