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  1. I am having a similar problem with Gearbox since upgrading my iMac to Mavericks. After launching Line6 Monkey, I was prompted to update drivers for my X3 Live to 7.3.6. Updates were also loaded for POD Farm2 (2.5.6). Once the updates were installed and computer restarted, X3 Live restarted, each time I launch Gearbox I get a pop-up window: Ignoring connection to POD X3 Live. This device has an incompatible driver installed. After hitting "ok", it appears to load the tones from the POD into the Hardware Memory Window. BUT the Gearbox window shows "No amp selected" and "No model loaded" in the two primary windows. Looking at the Hardware memory window, the tone that is active has blanks in both tone 1 & 2. Clicking on another tone, blanks them out immediately.........very strange behaviour. Note, the tones are fully loaded on the X3 Live. Evidently, there's an issue with the Mavericks upgrade and the subsequent driver update. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Doug
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