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  1. Yes! Please! Hurry up! This the one area that the HX Effects feels like a downgrade from my Fractal FX8.
  2. Hey Folks - Just received my HX Effects and am having an issue with the 4CM into my Matchless HC30. For some reason when connecting using the 4CM, the signal strength to the amplifier drops significantly -- like the amp's volume knob has been turned down significantly. Same 4CM with same cables works totally fine with my Fractal FX8. Not sure if it has anything to do with it, but the Matchless uses a stereo "Y" cable into a single port. Below is the verbiage from the Matchless website about the loop. Anyone have any ideas for me? Is there a setting I'm missing? Each jack is configured in a Ring, Tip, Sleeve manner similar to a recording studio console insert point. Each jack is of the normalizing type and contains the send and return information on a single ¼“ stereo phone jack. The Tip is used for the send signal and the Ring is used for the return signal. The Sleeve is ground. The SEND signal is derived just after the channel volume control and the RETURN signal is inserted at the phase inverter, just before the Master volume control. A Stereo “Y-cord†is required for loop operation. When the loop is not being used, the signal is “normalized†through the jack. The effects loop option is intended for use with guitar type foot pedals and semi-pro level rack type effects. It is not designed to drive effects units requiring high level signals (+4), as encountered in a professional recording studio.
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