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  1. You put the new model packs onto the hd500?
  2. 2.62 firmware is available for the hd500 but website says model packs are not yet...... Maybe they are and the wbsite needs to be updated? I'll bite and "beta test" the firmware. You need the firmware to load the model packs and don't use my hd500 much anyway.. I loved the form factor but moved on. Still the Anderson blackface from a pod1 is intersting to me. I always loved my old pod 2.01..
  3. So they really didn't fix much of anything... Global eq wow... Same crappy cab sims with no hope of a proper fix. Same eq's with % and they should have had a normal channel AC30 from the get go.. I'm not dumping anymore money into this... I've been really dissappointed with my HD500, I tried hard for a few years to get it sounding good... Spent countless hours deep editing... I recently bought an 11R and had great tone in 5min...
  4. Yeah the heel is down toe up normally then I just put the toe down to give me a boost. I usally have it controlling some drive and more delay for leads. Depends on my patch.
  5. I always wondered about those Behringer DI's My old bassest's Vamp pro had one built in the beans don't and sound not so good.
  6. I haven't had any issues with the tuner live. I just got my guitars back with new nuts and are intonated fine, but my luthier didn't use my HD to do it.
  7. I use the expression pedal for that. Put a volume pedal after the amp set min ~ 75 max ~95% For some reason going to 100% in my patches sound a bit too brittle. You can also assign the expression pedal to do all sorts of other things.. Amp eq, gain, delay mix, just about any paramater can be adjusted. You can still use the toe switch and the other expression channel for the wha it will be at your lead volume. I gave up on the hd wha's and use my own. If you must have a switch there is a diy box I've seen that uses the 2nd expression input that would allow you toggle between two settings.
  8. I used the deluxe reverb for the clean sound, trick is to get the bias tremolo in time with the song, undulating but not too overpowering. I put the bias trem in between the amp and the mixer on only one channel speed 4.8hz and depth 100% mix ~55%, also compression + neck single coil will give you that big sound. I used a vetta juice b4 the amp and a tube comp after... Try the DR Z cab with the deluxe reverb too. I just used a stock recto for the heavey part. Everything is panned center. I thought the clean sound was harder to comp that the buzz saw parts...
  9. Did a global reset and still the same. One thing did happed to make me believe that the loud patches were not normal and after the reflash the quiter patch volume is probably normal. I was ediiting a patch via usb + software and it became loud then ultimately unstable. I've read that other users have had compter to HD issues that revolve around usb commication. I've had zero issues editing from the front panel after the reflash and reset.
  10. Mixer is the same settings. I'll try a global reset tonight when I get home.
  11. I had some issues with a few presets so I reflashed the latest firmware deleating my user patches to start over. Recalibrated the the pedal, Now the Volume out of the POD hd500 is now about half what it was before. I have to max the front panel volume to get any lights on my board. Any suggestions? Besides the -20 +4 switch.. it's on +4.. Everthing in the presets I use is the same.. Just lower overall volume.. Thanks Paul
  12. I've heard a clip of a Tannoy 12 monitor and it sounded as good as an atomic clr to me. It was a coaxial Tannoy. Expensive in the USA. Compression drivers and Horns can be tricky.... You need to search for fairly Flat ones... Great crossovers are not that simple.... Then there is dispersion patters and distortion with the horn itself.. DIY speaker forums have a lot of info... search for econowave
  13. I was on the fence till I finally bought a decent FRFR... Now there's no going back.. It always sounded good through IEM's or direct to FOH but my amplified monitoring was crap. I just didn't want to pay more for my monitor than the HD500 but I ended up doing that. I don't miss lugging the tube head, pedal board and 4x12's now.
  14. Try the plexi 100 back the master volume off to 75% or less in the amp parameters (if you don't the bass will get too mushy), greenback 4x12, sen 421, blue comp and a tube driver should get you 90% there... The lead player at that time used a les paul & marshall
  15. Yeah you just plug right into the back. The 1/4 outs will mono sum if you just use one. The xlr outs don't. Before you buy anything I'd shelp your hd and axe down to a big box muzak store and try them out. I just did and even though they say they are flat they don't sound alike at all. Some, to me, had an anoying wooffy bass that I coundn't dial out using the pod amp models tone controls. I spent a couple hours at GC in thier pro sound room demoing powered speakers. Don't know your playing style so what I liked and bought may not be for you but I ended up with a jbl prx612m
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