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  1. Thanks for the help worked perfect! Just one more thing... What is good way to hook up studio monitors ( xlr? RCA? 1/4 inch?) with my pod hd pro and Mac mini? I'm using GarageBand.
  2. Where do you find the rate in the DAW? I know where it is in my pod.....
  3. I just got a Mac mini and am currently using GarageBand as my DAW. I am trying to just record with some of my patches but it's seems they are going through the amp models in GarageBand. How do I record just my patches. Hope I make sense to someone
  4. I have my pod pro hooked up in mono through a Mesa 2 one hundred power amp and orange cab. Pure effing balls
  5. Why isn't the diesel (diety's son), the orange model, and the 5150ii (not to mention other great models) available for pod hd??? But they are available for other pods?? that makes no sense... I would gladly pay for that metal pack
  6. I just got a pod hd pro used and I'm wondering whats the best way to hook it up. I want to use the amp models. I don't have a power amp just yet but I do have a dual rectifier and evh 5150 iii. Should I hook it up 4cm into the effects loop? If I hook it up to the return of the loop it will bypass the preamp will it not? Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  7. I use a couple different ones I have one with the angel fball pre and full ( dual paths) one with the tread plate full with the bogner pre.....the one with fball pre and full sounds friggin monstrous! I have one with just the tread plate pre that's sounds huge as well. I mostly use the engl pre and engl full patch but I the only set back is it doesn't sound as good with cab modelling on so I always have it off also I find that the pre's sound great with the 2 ninety not to say u can't use the full models
  8. Haha ya I guess the screamer on the pod is awesome lol
  9. Maybe a noob question but whats the best way to connect the pod to my stomp boxes (tube screamer) I know the pod has a screamer but mines better lol
  10. That's crazy I've only had the pod for a couple months and bought it new!!! at least it's still under warranty...
  11. When I hold the view button to activate the system settings on my pod it does nothing then it will go to the large patch number screen 7A (for example) then back .... Then sometimes it works .... I never had any problems until now.. Does anyone know what I should do
  12. I just wanted to comment that I have my hd500 hooked up in stereo to my 2 90 and let me just say it sounds friggin incredible!!!! It is exactly how I want my tone to sound, sure the pod requires a bit of tweaking but anything really worth while requires effort just sayin.....
  13. I use a stereo delay left at 250ms right at 250ms then I the mix is barely on at 8% to 13% but I have the mix so I can control it with exp pedal
  14. I put a delay behind an angel f-ball with an f-ball pre set excactly the same in one if my patches and it sounds very very thick.... Fat as hell
  15. I am just wondering if anyone could tell me how to go FR FR?? Do you just hook the pod up to powered speakers via XLR cables? I am looking into getting some powered speakers (mackies or Yorkville) not sure how to go about it.., do i need to go through a mixer or straight to the speakers sorry for all the questions please help
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