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Found 4 results

  1. Hello all, I have an MKII shortboard that I'm trying to use the expression pedal for wah. Also, I have a Mission Engineering EP1-L6 expression pedal I want to use for volume. In HD Edit the shortboard wah pedal has an FS ASSIGN of EXP TOE SWITCH and the controller is EXP-1. The Mission pedal has an FS ASSIGN of NONE and the controller is EXP-2. The Mission pedal keeps randomly disconnecting from the MKII (and HD Edit). I can plug it into the MKII and both the red wah and green volume led lights are lit indicating the mission pedal is connected, but as soon as I step on the wah the Mission pedal disconnects. It has disconnected from just rocking the wah. I made sure I saved the preset. I don't know what else it could be, I'm hoping I just have the settings wrong. Going bonkers here, any help will be greatly appreciated. Edit: I'm connecting to a POD HD PRO X. (Flash Firmware 2.62, USB FW 1.04)
  2. Hello all, so my objective here is to provide my feedback on my line6 experiences so far, temper that with my history, and fill the need to at least have taken a stab at influence on the product line future. for starters - l6 has been pretty good to me afa cust service - so far. tempering background: I've been playing 32yrs. Own a deville, dsl15, gaggle of vintage pedals and many I've built (klon, ge ff, many analog flangers/chorus/delay), xt pro, and I play my pro x through a classic 5050 + 2*2x12 greenbacks and gt75s - love it. The pod stuff is a convenience thing for me: got an idea - plug in and record - and it does that very well. recently traded in an x3 live for the pro hd x. still have an xt pro I use for bass. my take on x3 live vs hd pro x... the bad: already missing the sparkle, diesel, bayou?, silvertone, subdub, aguilar... I could go on. glad I at least kept my xt for that. not in love with the panama not enough bass stuff!!! the good: huge improvement on the line6 insane - altho not really a high gain guy - I like the new one jcm800 - prob my fav amp of all time - really knocked it out of the park on this one l6 - almost makes up for some misses. some great rotary sounds love the flexibility of any order on fx and dual distortion paths abso love the new bassman - it is a 10 love the turn towards more unusual pieces like the eh185, drz, colorsound (klon please), and why a dyna comp instead of ross grey? power supply seems to have improved noise issues love the redic number of presets and organization into setlists the ugly: the eq section is an absolute failure in my humble opinion. almost had me returning this thing. I honestly think l6 could save the day on this with 1 move: simply giving me back a graphical representation of eq in the pro x edit app. as an alternative, making the global eq NOT global would do as well (ie part of the patch) not crazy about % vs db, not being able to select any freq?? perhaps this is a limitation with the infrastructure? or just much harder to achieve? on that note: do not call it a parametric eq if you aren't going to give me a few knobs for freq/gain. do not call it a graphic eq if you aren't going to give me several sliders at several dif freq. those are my (possibly uninformed) expectations. on that note: if also, more model packs please. will pay whatever you want. esp for us gtr AND bass players - anyone know if there will ever be more modelpacks for hd x series? I am your loyal and humble fan... I hope you have heard me.
  3. Can I connect my pod hd pro x to my spider jam amp? Would I even want to? I bought the pod pro because I was tired of the models in the spider jam. Is there a way to use the spider jam solely for amplification and still get all the effects and amp and cab models from the pod pro? Im thinking about just getting some studio monitors but if I can run the unit through the amp it would save me a lot of money, just not sure on how to go about it. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. I hope this isn't a noob question, but I still don't understand how to hook up the Pod HD to my head and only use its power amp section to power the Pod. I have tried the "4 cable method," and all I ended up with was a barely audible guitar sound. Maybe I did something wrong, I don't know. What is the proper way of doing this? Also, is there a way to get rid of mic emulation and cab emulation like on the Axe FX? I am confused and I really dig the tone of my Pod HD Pro X, and I have been dying to use it with my 4x12. What do I need to do to get it sounding best and to get all my connections right?
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