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  1. I'd try this, I bet you could get something workable. If you have a DAW I'd even suggest using one of your neck PU equipped guitars and a spectrum analyser to get a better idea of how to eq it. There will be differences between PUs, sure, but I bet you could use that to work your way into the ballpark you want. If all fails, just remember that there's only tone up to a certain volume ;)
  2. Any links? I have a dead cry baby I'd like to try it with.
  3. This happened to me, but when I was trying to hot key paste a patch between set lists. I called Line 6 and there wasn't anything they could do, so I had to reset and rebuild. Like you said earlier, save often.
  4. Glenn DeLaune sells an excellent nylon patch, and that coupled with some IRs of classical guitars you can find on the Internet I've created some great sounding tones. As for the bass, a longer scaled guitar seems to help the tracking, but I've dropped some heavy guitar tones into bass territory with good results.
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