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  1. Thanks all. My questions seem to be answered - while new firmware releases may replace/remove factory library presets, subsequent firmware updates will only add/update the effects library but not remove any.
  2. Strange questions but worth asking: do new firmware updates ONLY add to the existing sound library i.e.. amps, fx, etc. or do they also remove and/or replace? I seem to recall an early update that changed/replaced some factory presets rather than simply adding new presets but I don't recall if this also applied to the factory sound library as well. Unfortunately, I've not checked this myself with the past couple of updates. Essentially, I'm wondering if the latest firmware 2.50 that includes new amp models, HX and Legacy effects will simply be added to the library or replace anything that currently exists.
  3. I've had this issue with other equipment before especially with Dell Laptops or those that have a standard 3-pin plug. The solution: use a ground lift on the laptop adapter to eliminate the ground loop/hum.
  4. I'm having the same issue on 20B. However it's SFX:EXP Disturb not SFX:Hokulani (20A). All audio stops when foot controller is placed in toe down position. Helix must be rebooted. Latest firmware - 1.06.5.
  5. Bug Report. Received my Helix today!!! At first power up I did an immediate latest firmware update (1.06.5) before I started using. I've just finished going through all Factory Presets 1 and 2 and have discovered a bug. Factory 2 - Preset 20B - SFX:EXP Disturb. When sweeping the delay with the foot controller to the toe down position all audio output is lost and Helix must be rebooted to resume audio output.
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