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  1. Basically the Pod Farm (hardware-dependent) plug-in in Cubase is authorized to the UX2 but need it to authorize with the GX that I bought without having to reinstall it.
  2. Yeah it shows up in Line6 Monkey and says its authorized.
  3. I have successfully been using the UX2 to record with Pod Farm in Cubase for several years. However I recently decided to buy a GX as I don't need all the extra inputs that come with the UX2 but want to continue being able to use Pod Farm and I like that the GX is so small. I have authorized the GX and it works fine with the standalone version of Pod Farm, however when I open Pod Farm as a plugin in Cubase with the GX connected I get the 'No Authorized Device' message and cannot process audio. Is there a way to make the GX authorize Pod Farm within Cubase? I don't want to have to reinstall Pod Farm into Cubase as I will have to save all the tones I am using in projects as Line 6 Tone files and then reload them into the new Pod Farm which is too much of a pain.
  4. Hi, I have been using hardware dependent Pod Farm with my TonePort UX2 for the last few years to record guitar into Cubase. I now want to sell my physical TonePort audio interface but still use the Pod Farm software in Cubase to process the 'dry' guitar. I am aware that to do this I need to purchase the hardware independent version of Pod Farm separately. However I am concerned that I will then lose the tones I am using in Cubase projects as the hardware independent version will be a separate plugin in Cubase rather than just authorising the existing Pod Farm without the hardware if that makes sense? Any help on this is much appreciated, thanks.
  5. Thanks. I had to download Line 6 Edit as I didn't even know it existed! Once I opened that though it was easy to work out how to do anyway. :)
  6. I am selling my Pod XT and want to store all it's preset custom tones such as tones for particular bands/songs as computer files for use in Pod Farm. Is there an easy way to do this?
  7. I bought a TonePort UX2 a while back that came with the hardware-dependent pod farm. I now want to get rid of the TonePort and buy a new, non-Line 6 audio interface, which means I will no longer be able to use Pod Farm. Is there a discount for upgrading from the hardware dependent version to Pod Farm 2.5 with hardware independence? Or will I have to pay the full price for this?
  8. It's OK I figured it out. You just have to connect the UX2 and then open License Manager and it automatically enables the add-ons in Pod Farm.
  9. I use the hardware-dependent version of Pod Farm, authorized with my TonePort UX2 and I recently bought a Pod xt off ebay which came with expansion packs that the seller then 'gifted' to my Line 6 account so I have use of the licenses. I now want to transfer those expansion packs into Pod Farm so I can use them not only in my Pod xt but with the advantage of the post-processing feature of amp modelling software. Is this possible or would I have to purchase Pod Farm 2.5?
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