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  1. Thanks for the info on the logic behind the instant commands, that's very helpful information!!! So far so good on my end, I got a couple of patches set up and its working the way I want it to. That Global setting would be very helpful as well. I can see where sending duplicate commands would be helpful in some situations!!
  2. Thanks for the reply! I checked and the PC Send settings are off. I'm using a combination of PC commands and the CCs. The CCs are used while in stomp box mode to toggle the last used bank just in case I want to switch off Snapshot mode. The CCs for the A,B,C switches on Timeline, Bigsky, and mobius will allow it to go into bypass mode where PCs won't. Also, one of the CCs I was attempting to use in Snapshot mode is 102, value 0 for bypass and 127 for active. It will toggle on and off on the last used preset and I was using it to bypass when it wasn't needed on that snapshot. I've been messing with this since I got home from work and I think I figured out my issue. It appears the CC#s that I assigned to the BigSky A,B,and C switches in stomp box mode were superseding what I was using in command center for the snapshot. Somehow I save a snapshot with one of those toggled on. I went through my list of snapshots and toggled off all assigned foot switches in stomp box mode and saved each snapshot. After that everything seems to function correctly now. I set this workaround using all of the Instant Commands and it appears to be working as needed. I set the first 3 Instant Commands to CC# 102, one for each pedal (channels 1, 2, and 3). I then set up the remaining 3 Instant Commands for the PC command to recall the preset needed. If the pedal needs to be active the value of the CC102 is 127. If the pedal needs to be in bypass I set the value to 0. The PC command will recall the preset needed and the pedal will be on or off based on the CC#. It stinks to have to use all 6 instant commands this way but It works for me and I get to keep the 4 cable method and 1 free FX loop. Now if we can get an Instant Command to send a CC# and PC at the same time!!!!
  3. I just got a Helix and I'm liking it ok by it's self, but I'm running into some midi issues that are getting a little frustrating. I want to set it up to control my Strymon Mobius, TimeLine, and BigSky with midi without having to dedicate a loop to each. Here's where I'm at and maybe someone can suggest a way I can get this to work. I did have the Helix set up using the 4 cable method with my amp in loop 1. The 3 strymon pedals above are in loop 2 all assigned to their own midi channels. I also have a poly tune set up in loop 3 to be always on (the Helix tuner isn't that great). I have a Riverside OD set up in Loop 4 with the favorite function being controlled using the CV connector on Helix. With it set up like this I can get everything to work in stomp box mode without any problems excluding the lights on the Helix sometimes getting out of sync with the pedal. For example pedal is bypassed but the Helix light for that channel is illuminated (no big deal, I can live with this minor issue). I used midi CC# 80,81, and 82 to toggle the Strymon pedals A and B (and C on BigSky) buttons. The problems began when I started to set up Snapshots. I tried using the Instant commands to bring up a patch on a desired pedal using the midi program function 1, 2, 3, 4 etc. That method would bring up patches ok but when I toggled through the Snapshots some of the presets would be on when I didn't want them to be and would then toggle off when I wanted them to be on etc... After a little more research I found out that I needed a bypass command to apply before the new preset could be commanded on. After research I found out that Helix can't change CC# with snapshots, only the values within a CC. After finding this out I decided to go a different route. Now, Try 2... I've got the Helix completely reset to factory defaults. I cleared all blocks on the first preset and started fresh. I wired all strymon pedals in their own FX Loop so I can toggle off by bypassing the the block (I hate to loose the 4 cable method here, but I guess I can live with that for now). Ive set them up in stomp box mode and got everything working just as I had last time. Now on the the Snapshots I run into problems again. I would save each snapshot by going into stomp box mode and toggle on what I wanted then save each accordingly. Doing that I got the Mobius and Timeline to work, BUT the BigSky wants to be a BigPain in the ....... !! This pedal will not respond correctly no matter what channel its on, what program# I choose, even the CC80, 81, and 82 for the bank buttons. For example, If I toggle on a preset in bank A it will toggle that on and off when commanded to toggle Bank C. If I press the Bank A button on the Bigsky to switch it back to that bank it will work for a couple of snapshot changes and then back to the wrong preset. Sometimes it works fine going from Snaphot 1 to 2 to 3, but when I go from 3, to 2, to 1 it gets all messed up again. It's completely erratic behavior and I can't duplicate the issue to track down a solution. I've checked the commands on each snapshot and they are correct and set up the same as the TimeLine and Mobius. I've gone into global settings on the BigSky and Helix and tried different combinations as well as a factory reset on the BigSky, same thing. Any ideas??? I'm really hoping to get this resolved because I really want to keep the Helix as part of my rig. If not I'll ditch it for a Mastermind PCB. Sorry for the novel!
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