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  1. rickclay73

    Helix FAQ

    In Preset mode, how do you "choose" to view the four stomps on the top row (like HD500)? Is it a setting somewhere in Globals or something? Hitting the "mode" footswitch, I only see Preset (with all 8 as presets) and Stomp mode.
  2. rickclay73

    Helix Rack Ship Date?

    Received my rack 2/23 from musicians friend. Thought I was going to get screwed cause the controller didn't show up. It came the following day. Had been waiting since November on the order.
  3. rickclay73

    Lose Stereo Path 1 to 2

    Any chance you can upload a picture of this setup?
  4. rickclay73

    Helix Rack Ship Date?

    Musicians Friend changed from Feb 19 to April 8 now. I ordered mine in November, still waiting.