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  1. p.s. i too am salty because i too work with software and kit that should work but rarely does. Youd have thought something as simple as a consumer grade audio interface that wrongly claims to support el capitan would be plug n play right?
  2. Exactly the same here. Line 6 support have been pretty much useless. It is almost certainly to do with permissions somewhere in the installer/kext loading process which is fundamentally Apples problem for screwing up up badly. However, Line 6 should have fixed it by now. Disabling csrutil a: doesnt work b: isnt a viable option unless you want to leave your system vulnerable. Neither is using a beta OSX release because who in their right mind would do that? I have a studio GX and a floor board which a entirely useless right now, very frustrating,
  3. Hi everyone, OSX 10.11.2 here and studio GX, ive got audio out but no audio in! FWIW it didnt work under 10.10.5 either so i tried upgrading in a bid to fix it. Whoops!
  4. Hi everyone. Ive recently purchased a POD studio GX and i can't seem to get any audio input. Im running OS X 10.10.4 and driver version 7.5.7. Pod Farm starts up correctly and i can get output via the GX in cubase but the box itself doesn't see any input signal from my guitar. Im using a brand new cable and i know the guitar is electronically sound. Ive tried everything i can think of (i even returned the first unit i bought as i assumed it to have a faulty input jack). Is anyone else running a GX on 10.10.4? Is the something else i can do to fix this, maybe a legacy driver? Any advice is gratefully received. Cheers!
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