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  1. Fail to update firmware and computer froze at 33%. Bricked the HelixFloor. I've just had this happen on 2.90 -> 2.92 update. Crashed halfway through the update and bricked the Helix Floor. The solution seems to be: Boot the Helix Floor with FS6 & FS12. Run the Helix Installer (and downlaod the appropriate firmware). In my case 2.92 Install HXedit appropriate to the firmware (2.92) Seems to be up and running again !!! BTW, the reason I updated from 2.90 to 2.92 is that my master volume control would not work!!! Damn software !!!
  2. Found a bug on 2.60 Helix Edit. If the window is not on the default monitor the preferences (eg FILE->PREFERENCE) keeps disapearing. This si true of all the windows menu items.
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