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  1. Tried searching for this but didn't find anything here...unless I'm searching incorrectly. I just got my THIRD helix...used off of reverb. It's on 2.82. Being familiar with it, I started building my presets to use 4 cable method, as I had in the past too. However, the looper is not working correctly. No matter where I place it in the chain, as soon as I hit record, I lose all volume from the snapshot I'm on. I can slightly hear sound when playing but it's VERY minimal. Playback is the same after recording. In order to get sound back, I have to go to a different snapshot and then back into the original snapshot and remove the looper. This does not seem to happen in presets where I would use a Helix amp and cab or IR (I use this as my direct or backup rig) but I mainly use 4CM for most applications. Has anyone else had this issue? I've tried reinstalling 2.82 so far with no luck. This morning, I'm going to do a complete factory reset on everything (after backing up my work) and hope that will do the trick. I wanted to post this here in case others are having this issue. I did open a support ticket but I'm not expecting a response soon as I know the team is running on low capacity right now. UPDATE: OK, this seems to be midi related. I'm using a Synergy Syn-2. I have the helix changing channels via midi. Whenever I engage the looper, it's sending a command to the Syn to change the channel to bypass. I'm still trying to figure out how to control that with the looper. Any ideas?
  2. Asked this in the Helix group on facebook but haven't received any responses... There are 2 mono ins and outs. And 2 sends and returns. Only using mono effects, is it possible to use one in/out set to run into a loop on a boss es-5, and also use the other in/out to another loop and place a send/return or audio loop block in between them on the hx effects to separate certain effects? And then use an fx loop block also to run the post effects directly to an amp’s fx loop? If yes, and I know you lose blocks when adding these blocks in, could the other send/return on the. Hx also be used as a pre fx in/out to separate and be put into another loop on the Es-5? If this is confusing, I may not be explaining it correctly! Basically, could I do something like this: Left in/left out to loop one on the es-5 (for example, add a phaser block then add loop block on hx) Right in/right out to loop two on the es-5 (add flanger block then add loop block) Send one/send two to loop three on the es-5 (add pog style pitch effect) Add fx loop block Then use send/return 2 going to an amp’s fx loop with delays, reverbs, etc blocks.
  3. On my 2nd Helix and glad I came back! I took a little time in the last few days to put up a couple of videos on how I use the Helix in my rig. Check them out if you'd like...thanks!
  4. Don't know if this was posted or not... One thing I hope that Line 6 will do in the future is not have to make the ext amp switching assignable to one of the switches. Storing the state in a snapshot or preset would free up the switches for other things. I use a friedman amp and while I can do the channel switching, I have to use up 2 footswitches to do it. I'd like to be able to save the ext amp's state per preset or snapshot and not assign it to one of the switches.
  5. Yup, I am using the loop level on back of the amp as a master once the loop is engaged. I have to crank it to get it louder but it's nowhere near the volume with the loop off. It's a series loop and doesn't have a switch to go +4 or -10. Setting the 1/4' outs on the helix to line does help but I still have to really crank things in order to get it close to the amp without the loop on.
  6. I'm hoping someone here can help me with this. Got a helix yesterday and hooked it up 4cm with my be-100. Having previously owned one, I know the basics and how to set up presets/snapshots. For 4cm I'm using fx loop 1 in between the dirt and time stuff. I've checked all the globals and ins and outs but for some reason, when my amp's loop is engaged with the helix, there's a big volume drop. I have to crank the loop on the amp and also crank the big master knob on the helix while also adding 3db or more to the helix's output. This can't be right as any other fx unit I've used with the amp doesn't act like this. If I want to get louder I really can't because everything is dimed. Any ideas?
  7. please delete...got it sorted
  8. Forgive me if this has been asked...did a search and nothing came up. Does the Helix channel switch a Friedman BE100? All 3 channels (clean, Be, HBE)? Any bugs or funny business going on or is it working 100%? Do the lights match up correctly? I previously owned a Helix but sold it because I went in a different rig direction but now that I'm back using a real amp (and loving it), I'm thinking of selling my Fractal FX8 and getting another Helix mainly to have the amp models as a backup rig already on the floor. I carry an Amplifire to gigs for backup but would rather free up space in my bag. I think the Helix FX will be fine for what I use. My main concern is the noise floor in 4CM and the channel switching. I need to be able to switch channels in a variety of ways...stomp, snapshots, etc.
  9. Just tried it changing the headphone out to XLR and then to 1/4". Both sound nasty. The lag is gone but the tone is overly bright and thin. Hmmmmm.....
  10. I will try this. So this won't affect the XLR FOH levels by using the headphone knob? I send cabs to 1/4" and XLR so I shouldn't be getting a phase issue but now that you mention it, the bad sound I'm hearing is similar to that...
  11. Question... I recently tried using the headphones out as another output, a separate output, to my singer's IEM setup so I could give him a different volume control. I already use the XLR outs to FOH (with global EQ attached for levels) and the 1/4" to my CLR on stage (with the big volume knob for my own stage volume). My kemper allowed me to run the direct out to his setup and be able to set it however he wanted volume-wise. I wanted to try that using the headphones out but something was off. The sound was completely different...in a bad way. It sounded like 2 seconds or so behind what I was playing. A pretty bad lag. The sound was also not right as it sounded like it was in a glass bottle. I then tried normal headphones and got the same thing. Is there a setting or something for this? After trying a different set of headphones, it was better but the sound was definitely still not great or even close to what I should be hearing.
  12. The 1/4" out is connected to my CLR. The sends/loops are all set to instrument and have been.
  13. I've taken the gain blocks out (that was a suggestion from someone else). Every time I try to add a send block, I get massive squealing and feedback...
  14. Right now I'm only using 1 send for my amplifire. I'm just not sure how to set it up correctly. Just got the helix last week and still learning.
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