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  1. Just bought an Amplifi 75 and the tone search function is broken. It found some tones but gives an error tone loading error. Perhaps I need to purge the app files on Android and reinstall it.? Any Amplifi gurus out there? :)
  2. Glad you are up and jammin' I just shut my ipod touch off and then powered it back on and now I am seeing it sync faster and it is working better, so perhaps earlier a low available memory in RAM might have affected it.. Having a blast too, with the effects and finding the tones are matching the music so awesomely as well.. Line6 comes up with some real epic equipment..
  3. Okay, working, (from my earlier attempt at duplicating the sync problem), and was not syncing or rather was stuck syncing because I was using both the amp out on the fx100 and also had one of the fx100 main outs connected to back of the amp, effects loop return, or send and that seemed to be causing that sync issue. Plus I read that using both amp out and a main out at the same time will cause the main out to only send streamed music to wherever it is plugged into from that main out, (if any music is being streamed) otherwise the main out wouldn't send anything, if I read that in the manual correctly.
  4. I was able to reproduce this, and it might be a semi bug, but it's more likely to be a part of how the software and the app/iOS device talk when the amp, fx100 gets turned off and back on in any number of ways.. So, I am able to get mine stuck on "syncing" also, and the only thing that fixes that for me, was to just go to the ios device main settings, and click bluetooth settings, and then it would show it not connected. Just click it to highlight that whole bar and it will reconnect. (after this I went back in the amplifi app settings and the device isn't "greyed out any longer"... Anyways, just click it in your ipad bluetooth settings if it is stuck on syncing and it should work again real quick. It seems like the last known state of the bluetooth connection to the fx100 in the iOS device and the amplifi app might not be auto-initiating a reconnect in every situation. And I would not call it a defect at all, it's just part of hooking up and turning everything on, plus how different things will pause the app, like starting a song in library will momentarily pause the sync and such.. But maybe an upcoming update could initiate a device search on all the continuity involved, (if a disconnection is sensed, like I know it already does this for the most part). I'm just having a good time with all the gear so I might seem overly enthusiastic.. Not trying to be a hero since I barely know much yet myself... I have changed the jacks going from the fx100 to the amp differently, and now mine is also stuck syncing for the moment, so it may also be entirely caused by an incorrect link to monitor using the amp? I'm not sure, but now I'm trying to remember how I had it before my brilliant tests here (haha) I have a ux1 and a 212 mustang 4 amp and the fx100 all tied in using two seperate "y" patch cables going all different directions, so it isn't any wonder I messed it up.. it gets stuck on syncing now and I haven't got it back working again ROFL.. I'll simply be looking for different known working diagrams to see the right way, or 1 of them, to hook it up again. And I'm updating just to let it be known that since it was fine before I changed everything, that the issue is just a routing one?
  5. Something I also have had to do is go back in my iOS device, (ipod touch 5g here) and go to the bluetooth settings and touch "click" on the bluetooth item, mine shows "amplifi_96 not connected" even though it is paired, then I click-touch that "*" and force it to reconnect, and if necessary, push that bluetooth button on the fx100 again. All this is obvious I know, but worth mentioning just for the sake of seeing you get it working :) It hopefully is just something simple, and like Tryriche said, maybe the app needs delete and reinstall.. Keep thread updated, I hope you get it working! You will I'm sure. PS If it sticks on "syncing" look at the blue light on the fx100 to see if it is blinking or steady, or not on..
  6. (below is just in case you didn't reset unit after flashing to new version) I just picked mine up earlier today/yesterday, and after the flash is done you are also supposed to reset to factory settings on the FX100 By turning it off and then pushing down the big round volume knob, and the Tap tuner button at the same time, and while they are depressed, turn the power back on and wait for "01" to appear in top left readout display on the fx100 and button A will also light... takes like 7-10 seconds or so. Then turn it off and back on normally and then push the bluetooth button again and re sync or re pair it. Then it will sync, but it still takes a few seconds, maybe 10-15, after that it should be fine.. I haven't yet recalibrated foot pedal...
  7. Just fully reset and started from scratch again. Fixed Just need to get used to the way the authorizations and licensing protocols are enforced.. And since it is protecting products of a worthy company, I can agree with it being a necessity.. And like all things, it could be improved to be less burdensome to legitimate users.
  8. Thanks for reply,,, I did manage to get it working and it turns out was a simple mistake on my part, which was leaving the UX1 plugged in, I had began installing Gearbox since it was available without considering that any installs for these devices also have the drivers packed in with them, and so it over wrote the drivers already installed with old ones or something.. Any way, I just uninstalled everything and started fresh and waited for prompting before plugging in the interface and all is solved now. I also got a "Y" cable with 2x -1/4" jacks for putting into the UX1 "analog outs right and left) and then it has a 3.5mm jack on the other end which I plugged into the "microphone jack" on the sound card, and after setting the sound card "mic" mixer control to "MIC" instead of "Line In" it started putting out the monitoring sound without any noticeable latency and the tone direct control knob on the UX1 works perfect with that configuration.... So it seems all is working good, however, I was curious if anyone has ever used a S/PDIF connection from computer sound through a little S/PDIF to analog converter box and using that to connect to the UX1 , as I was thinking it would have a bit better quality sound , but maybe that would only be important if it was for the recording signal, so I think maybe that wouldn't matter.. Just wondering if anyone has used a setup like that and found it useful.. It is difficult to find rigging methods to try since there are so many ways to go.. I'll just keep checking and reading up on it.... Thanks again.... :D
  9. Everything with the UX1 worked fine last night, and today I boot up everything and see that after installing gearbox which I only installed since it showed up in list, and ran it, and it worked, but hung after running, so I rebooted machine and now it say's that the old driver is installed again and nothing works again? I bet this has something to do with all the anti theft protection written in to the software and eeproms on device.. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I probably should not have installed gearbox I don't get why this would force the device to revert to old drivers.. And now the latest drivers wont install, what the heck is that all about.
  10. Just tried that, and tried the faster USB 3 port but it still shows the older ux1 driver is installed, and installing with the newest update installer still fails too update. I think I am going to wipe :C/ and install some other OS Also booted windows with enforcement of digital signing turned off but it still won't install, so I'm wiping the drive.. Installed win7 32 bit and now it all works fine.. everything installed without any issues. seems 64 bit has issues a lot with about everything sometimes.. I have sound coming through nicely with Pod farm 2, but just need to route monitoring so there isn't latency, all for tomorrow.. I'm glad I was able to help myself fix this. I think the empathy from unknown sources probably helped too..
  11. I had Pod farm 2 and others working after installing the latest UX1 driver, but today I see after running latest monkey software that it has reverted back to the older UX1 driver, and it may have never installed before, not sure. The only thing is that the driver installation process shows everything installs and completed, but it still didn't actually update. Now I went into windows control panel for hardware and checked the driver and I manually tried selecting the newest driver version and I see it says the new driver version isn't supported on my platform so it wouldn't let me install it. Ill see if there is an issue with unsigned drivers and disable that if it is the reason.this system running win7-64, but monkey downloaded the file automatically, and I manually downloaded it with the same result... I assume I did grab the right file.. I thought I had already disabled windows from blocking unsigned drivers, so I don't think that is it, I'll keep looking.. Anyone else seen this happen on Windows 7 64 bit before?
  12. Now I understand why I had thought that the latest drivers for the UX1 were installed, but later saw they were not, because the new drivers (4.2.71) won't install. The installer installs them saying it was completed, but then they still show as the old ones. Driver version still reads 4..0.26 after installing.. Am able to to get it close, but no record yet, and pod farm crashes, but worked the other day.. Maybe one of the sound cards optical outs/ins would help for monitoring, maybe need to just mic the amp into the computer
  13. I have had this problem also, and I have found that windows can take control of the sound drivers while running an app that uses it, and then it interferes with additional software being run, and if I remember correctly, I unchecked the box in windows 7 /control panel/sound/ and under the first window in sound/audio device, it usually shows first the left most tab on top at "playback device. Then whatever the default is, or whichever one is being used for playback of sound, select it down below (there is a few and some will be disabled or not used., then the next window has a top tab on the right that is "advanced" and there is a box checked giving exclusive control of the sound card. Try unchecking that, and also same for "recording" device, look for that same trigger named "give applications exclusive control of applications.. Try unchecking that one too.. But just for the record, I have found this problem is usually windows having default settings for the sound device that will affect using more than one app which needs it at the same time, and has that default which has granted the first app running needing sound, this exclusive power, and disabling that fixed mine before. Just a 2 cent suggestion, but it could be helpful. Good to try everything sometimes..
  14. Yep, I thought I had updated everything, including drivers, but just ran monkey again and found drivers were not the latest, and after doing that, the pod 2 app works. I see Pod2 also see's my UX1 attached, all that is left is getting it all synced so I can hear the effects change when I edit some effect.. I'll keep at it.. :) I have the amplifi 75 and itunes running and see those can interfere a little with the remote app, plus those are all trying to mesh together and I haven't yet read up fully on all the known things to do... The best stuff I have ever owned so far and I'm sure I'll get it going good.. Using a new Ibanez s-7420QM 7 string, and sounds great on the amplifi even with the stock pickups, which aren't bad.. I'll be checking on a JTV-89F-US pretty soon to use with it all soon though.. Thanks for reply, as I might not have thought to run the monkey app again since I was sure it was just thoroughly updated with.. I probably need to run a cable from one of the outs on the back of the UX1 to the computer sound card or a digital input or whatever.. I currently tried a "Y" 1/4" jack cable to the amp with one to guitar and one to the outs on the UX1, but it won't drive into the computer with any of that , that plus the sound card is probably not the best for this kind of deal in the first place.. If anyone has a suggestion for a better sound card for the computer which is Intel running win7-64, please don't hesitate .. Thanks again.. (Soundblaster X-Fi platinum on it now..) -Dan Perry
  15. It would have been awesome if you mentioned what they had you do to fix this, since I'm getting the exact same error on win7-64, Glad you got it fixed :)
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