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  1. I know this hasn't been active in a while, but is it safe to assume HX Effects won't get this capability because it doesn't have the L6 Link? I do what I can with MIDI commands but it sure would be nice to have this functionality baked in instead of arbitrary numbers controlling different parameters (who can remember what 13 or 19 mean when you just want less gain?)
  2. Expression pedals can be rigged to turn off when you hit a certain position, and even after a certain duration has passed. So if your pedal stays at the heel position for 250ms, it will turn the effect off. I don't love that and have assigned my wah to a footswitch that I control with the expression pedal. It sounds less convenient than it is, I don't think it's that bad.
  3. Thanks, it's an older MBP though, and they're both USB 2.0 ports. One seems to work better than the other, and that's the one I was using. Support told me it's usually a corrupted preset, and to drag my presets into my computer manually and do a factory restore, then a backup. Not an ideal solution, but if it's the only way, then that's all I can do.
  4. I got this today, filed a support ticket. Hopefully there's some simple solution. Edit: I do not use snapshots. Mine fails about 6-8% through on the 'Presets' stage.
  5. I've got the same issue - is the only course of action to send it back? codamedia's solution is an okay bandaid, except when I've got two effects on the same footswitch, I can't seem to switch between the two to edit them.
  6. Yes, this is what's happening. I also tried configuring the expression pedal on patch 2 and it would be totally unresponsive, wouldn't recognize when I click "Learn," etc. Defies logic, I know, but that's what I encountered. Multiple restarts, plug in and out and in again, nothing fixed it permanently. I caved and bought the Line 6 EX1 but it feels pretty awful so far...and I'm now getting similar issues to this user where the unit is sensing that I'm touching a footswitch (FS4) and it's spilling out into edit mode (I see you replied to that thread also - thanks for being so helpful). This only started since using the EX1. Pretty discouraged, and I've got an important gig tomorrow.
  7. Long time listener, first time caller. I picked up the HXFX recently, getting modern after some years with an HD500, and I'm happy with my decision. Today, though, I picked up a cheap M-Audio expression pedal. When I tested it in store, it seemed to be working fine - the polarity was reversed, even when I flicked that little switch on the back, but I can deal with that by flipping the min and max. What I can't deal with is the fact that switching presets renders the expression pedal totally useless! The only way to get it working again is to turn the unit off and on again - not ideal. There were loads of opinions about which expression pedal to get and plenty of it was over my head. Does anybody know why this pedal isn't working? Can anybody recommend a better one that works consistently? I've got gigs! Thanks, team!
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