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  1. Here's mine.......... My brief was to get my pedal board as simple as possible. I have a bit of OCD when it comes to pedals effecting the amp sound.....If I could I would have one lead going direct into my orange Rockerverb III100, but I need a wah, flanger, and the ability to turn the attenuator on and off on the amp.....Hence the helix Hx. It was basically the first multi effects unit I've seen that may be able to do everything I need......... I use it in stomp mode, with a flanger, boost, delay, and wah all available on tap, and with one button called 'solo' which I use when playing live to act as a switch for the attenuator on the orange to turn on or off (off for a solo, on for rhythm - basically gives a volume boost). So Im probably using 10% of the Helix features, but it does the job. My signal flow is now - Wireless receiver into Helix, into amp...Simple. The onboard effects are good enough for me to put my previous pedals on ebay, but I'm yet to be convinced by the expression pedal doing the wah thing. I will be holding on to my Custom Audio wah until I've played live a few times, but I think I may have to put this back into the mix.
  2. I've not had this issue with my HX unit...And must say If I did it would drive me up the wall. It's like the unit thinks you have made an edit to a block.
  3. I think it's standard 10k for the pots........ I do have a question, when you plug in your expression pedal, does it default to a volume pedal which turns the out off when in the full heel position?. Im having this issue at the moment with a mission ep-1
  4. Going to resurect this thread as I am now the proud owner of a mission ep-1rd, which is a standard TRS 10k expression pedal. However, it's not working how I would expect..... Issue 1: As soon as I plug it into exp 2 and move it, it seems to immediately become a volume pedal. In the fully back (heel) position I have no sound at all. What is odd, is if I then remove it completely from the Helix HX I cannot get that bank of stomps to work again. i.e. no output at all...I've looked at all my settings and simply cannot figure why this is. I have even tried to reset controller settings and that does not seem to work either.... Issue 2: having managed to get it working as a Wah in a different bank of pedals and moving it to exp 1 (which I was using for amp channel switching). I can't get the pedal to function how I wanted it to....Which is basically in the full back position I would like it to not activate the wah block, and as soon as you start moving it the wah should come on.... Any help very much appreciated :-)
  5. I use my Helix in exactly the same way only with an orange rockerverb.....There is a slight pop when changing channels, but not that noticeable. There are many different ways the amp manufactures do their switching so it could be that the soldano is prone to the noise (although it does seem odd that signal is getting through). have you got the latest firmware, and have you tried a normal guitar cable for the switching? As for the other questions.... Again, I had the same issue with the LED's - when playing live I could not tell if they were on or off...In stomp mode the good news is you can change the settings so they are either on or off, rather then on or dim. Global Settings > Displays > LED Ring
  6. Gotch ya.........And does this work with any expression pedal....The mission one with the toe switch states it's for a line 6, but the more I read, it seems that this may just be some clever branding.
  7. Ok, two great answers...thanks chaps...
  8. Good news first....Gigged last night with the helix hx for the first time...worked amazingly well, the amp channel switching is just fantastic, and I found the sounds to be easily comparable with my 'expensive' pedals, with the added bonus of not sucking the tone from the amp when connected. On thing that I notice however, was the LED rings in their off position are too bright. It's difficult when playing live to know if they are off or on. Im using the Helix in Stomp mode, so the colours and identification are important to me...... Any way of dimming them?.
  9. So far so good, I've done some back to back tests with my pedal collection and my live rig and am struggling to fault the effects from the Helix HX. But Im still using my trusty custom audio Wah pedal. Now, assuming the wah models in the Helix HX are as good as the other pedal models, then logic says I can ditch the Custom audio wah and go with an expression pedal. Questions re Expression pedals....as some expression pedals have a toe switch, can this be set up to activate the wah irrespective of what mode you are in (i.e. preset / stomp), or do you have to have the wah effect activated and therefor taking up a pedal space in your preset or stomp mode. (not sure that makes sense!). But basically I like to jump on the wah whenever I feel like, and want to be sure I do this before spending money on an expression pedal. On this subject, Mission engineering seem to do a rather nice Line 6 expression pedal......And rather nice (as we all know) usually means 'expensive', and it is. Are there any alternatives that offer the same function as the mission engineering pedal, but maybe at a more competitive price?. Thanks...Paul.
  10. Im new so pretty clueless......but.......my bed time reading for the last few nights has been the manual, and I did notice a section about the bypass being configurable to DSP bypass and analogue bypass....Quote from manual below...Could it be that you are in dsp mode, which may colour the tone a little?. Page 10 of the Helix HX manual NOTE: There are two types of All Bypass for the HX Effects device: Analog bypass (sometimes called "true bypass"), where mechanically switching relays route your signal directly from the inputs to the outputs with no processing or A/D/A conversion, and DSP bypass, where any delay echoes and reverb tails decay naturally. By default, the HX Effects hardware is set for Analog bypass, but this behavior can be set from "Global Settings > Preferences
  11. Woe is me, I was looking forward to me pedal board looking like a Christmas tree :-(
  12. In a word...can it be done....In Stomp mode it's easy, but I can't seem to change the LED's in Preset mode....meaning all my presets are red!, and I WANT BLUE, RED GREEN AND PINK....AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!.
  13. No idea if this is possible, but reality is I will probably never have more than 6 presets, so was wondering if it's possible to turn the 'bank up and down' switches (when in preset mode) to additional presets. meaning inseat of having bank up and down and 4 presents (in one bank), I could just have 6 presets. Also, snapshots - I've read the manual cover to cover, and I still can work out what they for, can anyone explain in layman's terms?. Thanks...Paul.
  14. Hi all, First post after purchasing a Helix Hx for my live set up. The clincher for me was the amp channel control, which works really well. I have a question about the expression control. Basically if you have an expression pedal for wah for example, is the effect off when the pedal is not in use?. i.e can I use it like a normal wah. The last thing I want to be doing is stepping on a switch then having to move over to my expression pedal, my other option is to simply keep my current wah pedal...Any advice appreciated. Paul.
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