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  1. Thanks! Albeit recording with Helix is new to me, I've previously been recording using an Eleven Rack (for 3 years or so), so I got a basic grasp over how to usemodelers in a mix. This particular mix isn't very good though, waaayy too low-middy and too little "crisp" on the guitars. The most fun part about recording isn't the product itself, but rather the improvement from one occasion to the other. :)
  2. The 3Sigma pack I'm using is the US Custom, I think. Turns out I wasn't using Ownhammer, but something else that I can't remember the name of, haha. Also, do notice that cab A (the top cab) is the "main" sound, while cab B (on the bottom row) is used to gain some additional "roominess", so to speak. :P And yeah, the patch is all over the place with EQ, but it works for me, which is the point. ^^
  3. Sorry for the late response. Yeah, really liking the pedal thus far. And I've exported my preset for you. Hope you'll find it useful in some way. :)
  4. Oh, sorry! I mentioned the pedal under "gear used". It's the Horizon Devices Precision Drive pedal. :)
  5. It's all Helix except for the overdrive pedal! I'm currently using the Archetype Lead amp.
  6. Oh jeez, I had uploaded the track as private. Am a confirmed doofus. Sigh..
  7. Should be fixed now, I think I gave the wrong link to the song. And no, I haven't encountered any phasing issues as of yet. I'm using the A/B Split in the Helix to blend between the IRs.
  8. Hey there. I've had my Helix for about 8 months now, but due to studies and an inspiratory meltdown I've not composed or recorded anything for ages. Today, however, I decided to change that. To do a quick gear rundown I'm using the following: - REAPER Recording software - Superior Drummer 2.0 (about half the kit is from the Progressive EZX) - Line 6 Helix straight into my computer via USB - PRS Mark Holcomb Signature (Guitar) - Cheap Ibanez Bass (SR-something series) - Horizon Devices Precision Drive (an overdrive pedal) I'm using a mix between 3Sigma and Ownhammer IR's for my guitar sound, and a blend between raw signal + cab signal (also Ownhammer) for my bass sound. All effects (except the overdrive for my guitars) are from the Helix. However, some the tracks are not raw - I've been using some EQ and compression on both the bass and the guitars. Please keep in mind that my playing is awful and the track is not mastered nor mixed to any larger extent. Also, the drums are processed to hell and beyond, lol. Anyway, enough talking, here's the clip: (Also, I realized I'm a fanboy of Periphery. Crap.)
  9. I mostly edit my patches on my computer - so, fortunately, I noticed it right away! Really adds that subtle low end, which adds some extra "room" to the sound. Love it!
  10. Holy moly! The PRS Archon amp is MONSTROUS! Great job, guys. Now I love my Helix even more. <3 And the patch notes lmao "- If a user fails to read and follow the update instructions, Helix will cause their car radio to play only polka death metal every Thursday from 1-3pm PST"
  11. Wow, a huge thank you! These cabs sound ridiculously good. Threw toghether a patch rather quickly and recorded it, this is the result: There is no post-processing on the tracks, and excuse my crappy playing, lol.
  12. Well, no. If I'm correct, an IR (Impulse Response) is an EQ curve used to shape your sound. However, you cannot alter the type of instrument you are playing, e.g. from Electric Guitar to Piano. However, you can change the character of your sound from clean to acoustic thourhg IRs.
  13. My signal chain is the following: (Noise Gate from the input)-> 10-band EQ -> Red Squeeze Comp -> Scream 808 Dist -> Parametric EQ -> Amp, then I split the signal with the A/B split. Main cab is the SM7b 2_center (A.), secondary is CV4 2_center_off (B.). I have the the A/B split to 50A. The chain is topped off by the Neve bright - 1 and Neve - mud -3 and a parametric EQ where I have a cut a 2.1 kHZ in a high Q. The only post-processing I have done is a HP at 100Hz. And I realize this tone might be a little scooped, haha. The cabs are of very high quality, and the Neve IR-shaping is a really nice feature. I'll try to get around testing some more, but time is somewhat limited at the moment. Keep up the good work!
  14. I'd also like to test these cabs! Sounds like a neat concept.
  15. I actually went the other way around. I found that 240 and 750 were really boomy frequencies with my bass guitar, so I cut some of them out and left the 80Hz parameter alone, which made it possible for me to raise the bass parameter on the Preamp slightly. :)
  16. @duncann @roscoe5 Thanks a bunch for your suggestions! The Cali EQ managed to scoop out some mids/lows, which got me to a good starting point! Then the routing solved a LOT of the boominess (I'm at A66 at the moment, A being the channel without a speaker emulation). I routed the bass like this: Deluxe Comp > Parametric EQ > GK800Preamp (or whatever the name is...) > Cali EQ > 3-4 Parametric EQs, all of them targeting different specific frequencies with varying Qs in the lows/low mids ---> (next DSP) 3 Red Squeeze Pedals in succession, all with the same settings: 1.0 sensitivity, 50% mix and 6.0db level I found all the frequencies I wanted to cut by listening through REAER and having an EQ with a very narrow Q that I singled out the frequencies with. Now I finally have that growling low end and high mids without the boominess! Next up on my list will be getting a Darkglass Pedal... That'll probably elevate the tone to new heights! Again, thanks!
  17. Hey guys. So far I'm loving my Helix, but I have kind of hit a snag regarding my bass tone. Pretty much anything I do currently results in a very boomy bass tone. I've been trying for so many hours but to no avail. I've tried using both stock cabs and IRs of bass cabs. The bass tone that I am trying to get is one similar to this: (If the clip does not start at the correct time, it's ~22 minutes and 58 seconds in.) It seems to me there is a big dip around 100-200Hz in that bass tone, but when I try to cut our frequencies around there my bass tone just sounds thin. I am also having difficulties getting those pronounced higher mid frequencies. In short: could somebody help me get a bass tone similar to the one shown in the clip? Whether it's a tip on amp, cab, eq, comp - I'll try it. If someone even makes a CustomTone, that would be much appreciated.
  18. @ Lachdanan0121 Yeah - I also enjoy the routing in the 11R. It's really simple and a breeze to work with. The big downside of the 11R are the cabs in my opinion. None of them really sounded "right" to my ears. Also, the 11R had a weird boxiness in its sound; especially in the high gain amp models. On most of my high gain patches I had to dial out a good amount around 350Hz - both before AND after the amp (Guitar > Para EQ > Boost Pedal > Amp+Cab > Para EQ > Reverb). This boxiness is not present in the Helix. A big downside with this is that I was unable to use a compressor on my patches (because the Parametric EQ took up 2 FX slots...). Frankly, I dialed in a better metal tone on my Helix after about 5 minutes (with stock cabs!) compared to the 2 years I spent on my 11R. Sadly, that unit will probably continue to be turned off in the future....
  19. Alright - I got my Helix unit home yesterday. And right off the bat I was amazed. I've been recording with an Avid Eleven Rack for the past 2 years, and I have never ever been really satisfied with my tone; something has always felt "lacking". I'm a big fan of metal music, and have always been striving for a grat tone for metal. However, my Eleven Rack never cut it for me, so I decided it was time for an upgrade. I had downloaded some free Impulse Responses ahead of time while waiting for my delivery. One I had my unit I quickly searched CustomTone for a highly rated metal preset and began experimenting. First off I only used the stock cabs, as I didn't want to be too hasty in writing them off. I thought they sounded really good. However, as I loaded in 2 Impulse Responses (2 * 1024) a whole other world opened before my eyes. WOW, WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Currently, my fingers are both itching and aching - I want to play more, but I need to rest my fingers a bit. Thank you Line 6 for this amazing product. I'm sure it's going to stay with me for a long time..... :)
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