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  1. Hey Zmanchu, I see you replied to my post regarding `Loss of distortion`,........your amp switching to `manual` is probably the one issue I havn`t had (yet!),,but your friends losing patches could be related, as you say, to what I posted regarding the physical position of the amp selector ( as I posted,,,just leave it pointing straight up 12 oclock ish and not completely anti-clockwise pointing at the clean setting) To be honest this amp has given me quite a few headaches since I purchased it and i have never been 100% confident with it regarding live use,...........in fact only the other night I was gigging and the amp was `booming` and then lost ALL sound,, eeek,.......a quick power down and power up brought it back to life,..seriously,,wtf!! There has been some suggestions that the V2.00 update doesn`t do the amp any favours but I don't know for sure. please reply and let me know if the power conditioner helps thanks and good luck!!
  2. OK,...it seems i have found the problem,.......i need to crank the amp up tomorrow to be 100% sure but at the time of writing this i am 99%!! If the amp model dial is physically turned to clean and left there while using channel presets there seems to be a clash, even though the LED`s display the correct position when switching patches, Crunch, Metal etc etc,, i am sure the amp presumes it should be a`clean` sound regardless, thus causing the selected patch to lose its preset sound after just a few seconds...........physically turning the amp model dial to say 12 o`clock maintains any sound selected on any of the presets....hurrah! maybe this is common knowledge i dunno but i am happy now again :))
  3. Hi napynap,. i doubt it is the guitar as i have have several amps i use for home use and spend longer playing through them per week than i do with the SV 212, without any issue at all,.........BUT! yes,, as and when the problem reoccurs with the the SV ( which as stated is erratic) i will plug a different guitar in and check,.....thanks for your reply,...... i have spoken to someone who knows his stuff with regrads to valves and i am having them all checked out just to eliminate that, ( think i got the valves mixed up on previous post,, its the 6L6`s which have a slight blue hue at the top,, which i am told is normal), i have reloaded firmware V2.00 too, but had same problem so it aint that,..next on my hit list is a factory reset, as stated i need to sort this quick as i just cannot trust the amp to deliver at gigs and have several creeping up on me.......eeek!
  4. Thnx ,... i will look into changing the tubes, all of them, having browsed over the site you linked and several forums/websites i will need to study further as their is some terminology i am not familiar with,.....balanced, phase inverter, bias setup, i understand this amp is lethal so need to be sure im doing it correct,...... just out of interest, for the SV 212 without being `too` exspensive do you have any suggestions as to what different types of valves are better, i find the stock valves somewhat harsh. Appreciate your replys, thnx.
  5. Hi toneman, the problem arrises wether the foot controller is used or not,........ i was testing that last night straight into amp and again the distortion just `cut` :( I am reading many things as to what the source of the issue may ( or not ) be and again returning to the valves i have noticed there is some slight `blueing` at the top of my 12AX7`s? ( i am new to valves,..the two in the cage at the back), apparently this could indicate the valves are suspect? is that correct? ( both have the same bluey hue........again,,its not much but its there).
  6. Hi everyone, i am in desperate need of a quick `fix` here as i have several gigs coming up, i will explain best i can as to the problem and hope someone can help as Line 6 themselves cant! This has happened 3 times now in the last 3-4 months : ( usually at the worst possible times) I have the SV 212 Mk2 40w Combo and use the FBV shortboard Mk2 . I have ABCD patches set up as Clean/Crunch/Distortion/Lead ,(i have several banks setup in a similar way with different sounds and it affects them all), the problem is sometimes the Distortion channel loses its sound, not totally, just the distortion, i am left with basically a `bare` sound ( slightly crunch) and i think there is a loss in volume too, the distortion sound just disappears, and the other channels suffer too although the clean channel not so much ( but does lose clarity) ........ hard to say how i manage to get it back, as i shut alll down, unplug everything, restart, the usual routine when theres a problem,.....this dosent `fix` the issue though as it can takes several attempts and sometimes not at all. Strangely if its left alone for a while and i fire it up it seems to be ok. The issue isn`t always there as i have done several 2 hr gigs since the problem started without issue and other times it has happened before ive even really started to play anything. I have a new CAT cable so thats not the problem. The problem seems to appear even at lowish volumes I have seen another user in the forums whos problem was like mine, ( who i have tried to contact), and there was a reply that it may be the valves ( valve!?) Could this be the case? Its very erratic therefore i am reluctant to send to Line 6 as it could spend weeks on a test bench without the problem arrising Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
  7. Yes, i had same issue with SV212 MK2,......as stated the cure to the annoying `popping` was to increase the inividual patch levels to say 50% minimum,......and again as stated, renders the master volume almost unusable at becomes VERY sensitive. Had the SV2 now a while and to be honest had lots of issues with it, mostly known ones, so im only posting this to back up whats been said as i too am annoyed Line 6 have `ditched` this amp with regards to fault fixing. Its been a pain in the backside tbh to actually use and feel somewhat let down by the lack of interest in Line 6 with this amp.
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