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  1. Any news from anybody? My support ticket has not been responded yet.
  2. Create a support ticket and explain the problem. Tag us(people that raised the same issue) in it. I have already done this and their first response was "are you in 1.3 version and have you tried different factory reset/amp/guitar/cable/guitar in pad on off". I tried what they suggested and the problem does not go away in the slightest and I am waiting for their next response. Actually what I am expecting is acknowledgement and a solution. The sooner the better
  3. I have opened a ticket with the line6 support describing the problem. They should respond swiftly and fix this hopefully via a software patch. Yet so far they have not acknowledged the issue.
  4. I guess try to borrow one and see if there is a difference for you before buying something. Ideally lines should address this sooner than later.
  5. I have the same problem as @sebabetto. I discovered it today after I tried using a buffer in front of the PODGO . Generally I had problems with the tone getting whatever the amp being dark/muddy needing a lot of tweaking to get something nice out of it. I saw the video @sebabetto created and it sounded too familiar. I don't know if it is only in some of the early models that line6 shipped(got mine September 2020) but Line6 must address this.
  6. Would love Impedance settings to become available to PodGo.
  7. Hey guys, I 've had the PODGO for more than a year but only really tried it the past two months or so. I used to own podHD as well . I don't really use very high gain sounds, more bluesy, clean and breakup tones. In some cases though I like to switch between very clean and quite distorted sounds. I am using the PODGO with a PRS CE 24 using mainly the coil split but I also use the humbuckers in some patches. I had problem listening through headphones with both of those units ; whereas through with my (cheapish edifier 100$) studio monitors it sounds great, through headphones it sounded quite bad no matter the brand. I used some cheap ones to test in the beginning, then got shure SE215 for live usage and my last purchase were Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro. To make things worse I wanted to use pod go with IEM(which I had bought) but since the sound was bad through headphones it was not an option. I tried several things and have improved drastically. First of all in my case the headphones do matter. Cheap are a hit and miss I guess (miss for me), shure one's that are in ears are better but the beyerdynamics are clearly better sounding. Now I tweaked some things (and lots still are there to tweak I am sure like bias sag etc which I havent really touched) namely: -guitar in pad option :on. For some reasons the distortions/tube amps sound better to my ears with my setup both through headphones. "Fizz", for lack of a better word, quited down and the way distortion works in high frequencies was smoother. -Make sure you know the difference between drive, master volume and channel volume and make sure you are not clipping. In a lot of cases I was working the amp simulation too hard by setting the master at 10 and the high frequencies ran wild when using distortion. Or even when using a breakup sound that sounded off when strumming a bit harder rather than playing single notes. -Make sure you POD output is not coming in too hot through the headphones. I just realised that. With the above I managed to get a quite good sound through the headphones. It is still not as great as the studio monitors though and I would love to hear suggestions on how to improve there.
  8. Can you list any retailers in Europe? The price here in one of the more reputable stores is 25% greater than the one sold in the States.
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