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  1. You actually don't have to login to use the Updater... You can run it in offline mode. You just have to download the flash file manually this way. If you're having login issues with the Updater, that could a matter of a firewall or anti-virus setting on your system, though. Yes, I figured out that you don't have to login. But logging in is the first thing you're asked to do when you run the updater. And I did a google search of "invalid login" issues, and several other users had the same frustrating experience. I can honestly say I've never had a similar issue with other companies (and I HAVE had issues with other companies, just not ones that made me feel like smacking their products the first day I tried to use them).
  2. Wow, I bought a used one from Sam Ash a few days ago, and have noticed a few weird things already. Considering I have no warranty, I think I'm going to return it. Also, I got off to a bad start when I tried to use the "updater". It asked me to login (I think L6 is the only company that makes you login in order to use their updater, fwiw). Then, it constantly gave me an "invalid login" message. I checked my account, and it was NOT "invalid"! I was able to install the update offline, but still, that was really an annoying waste of time, and reminded me of the frustration I've had with other L6 products. I was hoping they'd improved a lot since the Yamaha (I've always had good experiences with Yamaha gear) acquisition, but so far that doesn't seem to be the case.
  3. How do I assign a footswitch to a snapshot? I poked around for a good hour last night, and it seemed to be impossible to find this out from your manual or editor. Some videos demonstrated aspects of snapshots, and I was able to create some, but that final step of assigning them to switches seemed to be left out. I tried hitting the menu button, then pressing knob 1. Manual said I'd see "footswich assign", but instead I saw "bypass assign". Hit a couple of knobs and switches, then I seemed to be frozen, couldnt get ANYTHING to happen till I rebooted. Very alarming, may have to return the Helix.
  4. Sounds good through phones. I had 2 things plugged into the speakers. When I used a different cable into only one input on the speaker, it does sound better, so maybe thats the issue. The nasty spike from 4A to 4B is still there, particularly unpleasant through headphones.
  5. I picked up a clean used unit from Guitar Center. Plugged main left output into my full range fender Expo speakers, and the tones sound very fizzy, like there's no cab sims engaged (I first did a factory reset). Also, when I switch from patch 4A to 4B, if I'm holding a note, there's a loud, unpleasant noise for a moment. I'm wondering if there's something wrong with my unit. Is this normal? Thanks!
  6. I have a JTV59 and just got the Triple Play. Even the thickest mounting pad is not big enough, though. The pickup sits too far away from the strings. How did you (those who are using the FTP with the 59) mount the FTP? Thanks in advance for your help!
  7. Just wondering if anybody has experience with running a Variax (via VDI), while keeping another guitar plugged into the guitar input. I plan on doing this on an upcoming cruise ship gig, where I'll want to switch quickly between both a regular guitar, and my JTV59. Would setting the inputs at "guitar + variax" cause any kind of tonal issues? (I assume I could just turn UP the instrument being used at the moment, while the one not being played was turned DOWN). I know I could set the inputs for the specific guitar being played, but I'd prefer to have the flexibility to use either one with any patch (with the exception of my acoustic variax patches, of course). One thing I've been doing is running my electric Variax sounds panned all the way left, and my acoustic sounds all the way right. Then I run the Left 1/4" output to my amp's fx return. I run the Right XLR out to the mixer for acoustic sounds (even if I'm using 2 amp models-I'll have the mixer panned left for BOTH channels in that case-seems to work pretty well). So I don't think the option of setting Input 1 to one guitar, Input 2 to the other would work. I'd appreciate hearing from anyone with experience with this kind of setup.
  8. The volume discrepancies between patches (and models, specifically), has long been a pet peeve of mine. i still think Line 6 should attempt to equalize them (at least a little bit-have mercy!) out of the box, so users can spend more time playing, and less time doing unneccessary tweaking.
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