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  1. Don't know if you ever found the Black 69 you were looking for but I have one I'll sell you if still interested. Mint only issue is the door were the VDI cable plugs in is missing.
  2. added colors black with red or blue a Purple\yellow and Orange\dark blue
  3. u182155 do you have a paypal account you can use that I have to charge for shipping outside of the US it's about 20$ us
  4. Revans, I have pulled 1,4 and 6 because they did not meet a quality that I would want to sell. I have added a 3rd color like the other good one that's red While they are not as pliable as a regular guitar cable they are way better then the VDI cable from line 6 and colors and designs of a regular guitar cable. Thanks Dunkin,
  5. I have picked up some new colors but at this time can not get any more of the black\blue the first one is yellow\black "glow in the dark" 2.lime green 3.yellow\dark blue 4.Green\red\yellow 5.Orange\black\red\yellow Dunkin_dal
  6. Hello, 5 meters would be 35$ US plus 23.95 shipping international All I have right now is the Blue cable but do have some nice Green and red multicolor coming in soon. Message me if you would like one and I'll send you my PAYPAL Thanks,
  7. I would have to check with my supplier and see if there is any kind of robust RJ45 plug.
  8. The Line 6 FAQ on Headphones has this... Q: What is the recommended headphone ohm rating for use with Line 6 products? A: For devices with a 1/4" output, we recommend headphones rated between 150-600 ohm (pro or semi-pro level) studio headphones for best results. For those with an 1/8" output, headphones designed for MP3 player usage are usually a good match. Results may vary between headphone models and manufacturers.
  9. The new Blue cable is in so if anyone one wants that color they can get it!
  10. Hey Geekpimp, No criticism taken, Thanks for the Idea while I have never had one go bad if someone wanted me to add this shrink tubing to the ends please let me know.. What size tubing did you use?
  11. I only have about 30 feet of the red cable left and right now can not order it I do have this blue cable on order and is due in on 9/13... So if you Want Red then need to order quick if you want a blue Then I will not be able to ship till after the 13th.
  12. How long does it take the admin to approve I signed up 2 days ago and still can't get in!
  13. If you have a paypal account and want the standard 15' send 35$ US to my E-mail that I will give you when you message me that you want one. Free shipping in the US. Can ship anywhere if someone is willing to pay for it. I can also make custom lengths but L6 suggest 25' max. :unsure:
  14. Where in Canada and I can give you extract shipping but it has been around 15 $ US
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