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  1. I concur! The pedal board is essential to unlocking the power of a spider! also, as stated above, all your settings (except for master volume) are saved in the channel when you save it. That includes the channel volume. More than once I have saved with different channel volumes only to be startled by the massive volume difference when choosing the oddball channel.
  2. For my process of learning, that's probably the most important aspect. The closer I am to the sound the more fun I have and more likely to feel that I should play it live. If I don't find it, or it's not close enough I tend to shy away and definitely won't play it until I find it. In my experience, the sounds are different from song to song - at least on the studio recorded version. I am finding a lot of stuff live, it's generally a generic sound. I also find it difficult to start from scratch when discovering the song's sound. At least that's my problem. Also, the settings I find online is generally over-driven too much. Granted, you talked about FFDP and Metallica, some very distorted sounds - but they do have limits. How authentic can I get? Pretty damn authentic. But, other people have told me that. It also takes me a long time to perfect the sound. Yeah, the sound is 90% of the process right there. At least that's my motto.
  3. I went from the little Spider IV 15 to the HD 150 and while I absolutely love it, I wish that I had a smaller amp for "bedroom" sessions. The lowest volume I can get on the head itself is still too loud sometimes. lol since I have a pedal board, its only a minor annoyance. As for a recommendation, I would put it out there that for similar setup you may want to look closer at the 75. Truth be told, the 75 would rock from the bedroom to a small venue, like a bar designed to play bands. really the only venues, around here, I'd worry about is the LARGER (5000+ setting) outdoor venues with a 75. That's just my thoughts. I love my HD 150 but would also love a 75.
  4. I agree with toneman2121. This sounds like the amp model for each channel is save with the channel volume up really high. Save each channel with the channel volume at a more reasonable level.
  5. Sorry, I haven't been in Edit in a while. I'll jump on tonight and take a look.
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