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  1. Thanks for the feedback. Yes it was my own work. I will be looking to do another variax soon as I find them a very versatile instrument and lend themselves really well to re-modelling Thanks again
  2. Thanks for the help.
  3. Thank you very much. Its been spotted by an American music mag, so I'm being interviewed at some point later in the week too !
  4. Hi everyone. I have just about completed a custom rebuild on a Variax 700 Electric. I'm desperately trying to find a supplier of legacy spares in the UK. I'm specifically looking for an Input Assembly for the 700 Electric (Jack Plate, DI Input and Jack Socket). I can find a Jack Plate in the US, but the company won't export to the UK... For those that are Interested, a pic or two of the build is attached to this post..... Any assistance would be most welcome. Thanks
  5. petejenkin

    Hd500 Reboot Loop Problem

    Im suffering with similar issues. I have recently just bought a used Variax 700 Electric. The cable was the original and a little short so I decided to have a new one. The HD500 now just loops around the boot up screen if the variax is plugged in, and this doesn't happen with the old cable. I have to boot up with the variax disconnected.
  6. Hi everyone, Im currently enjoying my HD500 and DT25 very much and have been given an opportunity to buy a second hand 700 from a friend. Ive noticed that when you play, there is a definite whistling in the background, which obviously becomes more obvious at higher volumes. I have reinstalled the firmware, which hasn't cured it. I have also played direct to amp which again has made no difference. I have also tried making adjustments to the controls on the workbench, but again no difference. Is this whistling a normal thing with the 700 or is it indicating there is a fault somewhere ? Is it a known fault and is it repairable ? I haven't paid for the 700 yet as I am just trying it out, but if the problem is repairable relatively cheaply then there isn't a problem as I love the guitar. Any advice would be most welcome. Thanks