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  1. Thanks everyone for your answers :) I've tried disabling cab modeling and it sounds even muddier. No change in tone amp when using pre models, just less volume. That's the way I set it up. 1/4" outs to the amp's 2 power amp in (it has 2 power amp inputs. If I use just one of them the sound comes out from one speaker only). Switch set to line. Pod master always maxed out. I'll get back to the pod in a couple of days and try that Blackface thing. I used both the "correct output" and the "wrong way" and they're just different shades of bad :mellow: Unfortunately I read them many times and when I tried to apply those informations to my situation it never made a great difference soundwise. Maybe just a slight difference. If I set input 1: Guitar and input 2: variax, mic or something else the sound gets thin and sterile. If I set input 1: Guitar and input 2: Same every distortion sounds like a Big Muff. The Meambobbo guide is great but it led me to maniacal tweaking. Or better: to maniacally adding EQ pedals. But every EQ pedal (just like the amp knobs) seems to lack a "sweet spot". Roll down some kind of low frequency a little bit: still mud: Roll it down a little more: still mud. Roll it further down: mud is gone but tone is gone too and all I got is a trebly thin sound.
  2. Hi, I can't seem to find a decent sound with my Pod HD500. I've had it for 3 years now and I play it through the effects loop of my old solid state Peavey Classic Chorus 130. Although not the best amp out there, I thought it would be an ok match for a modeler, since it has good cleans without much power amp coloration. Strat--->Guitar In--->1/4"Outs--->Power Amp In. Tried all the input settings, tried using full models and pre models, tried all the output settings, tried "guitar in" both in normal and in pad mode, tried "1/4" out" both in amp and in line mode. I even bought new cables and changed my guitar's pickups. Haven't tried going to the front of the amp or using the 4 cable methods since it would mean having to deal with the horrible sounding preamp of the Classic Chorus. Since it is a combo amp I choose the combo power amp output setting. Cleans are not that bad but any kind of overdrive/distortion sounds like I have a Big Muff on...Muddy to say the least at low volume. Both muddy and ear-bleeding trebly at medium-high volume. Turning the bass EQ knob down makes the sound thin, turning it up makes it muddy. Turning the highs or the presence EQ knobs down take the mud back, turning them up make my ears fall off: it seems like there's no sweet spot. EQ pedals work the same way. The mud goes away if I set the output to "direct" but the sound gets harsh and unnatural. The other output settings are even worse than these. The same bad sound comes out of the "Phones" output through headphones (Sennheiser HD 25 II) or through my PC speakers. But here's the strange thing: if I go direct to my laptop via USB, record a riff and then listen to it through those same speakers the sound is suddenly good. No mud, no harshness, no farting distortion. I don't know why or how but all the "gainy" models seem to become more overdriven than when played through the power amp. What am I doing wrong? :mellow:
  3. Yes, it is. It has a "Line 6 mode", you just have to adjust some switches on the receiver.
  4. So, assuming I set inputs this way: 1.Guitar - 2-Guitar/Same: do I have to worry about what meambobbo says in his guide about "some comb filtering" that makes "the tone sound looser and slightly out-of-phase"? Can anyone quantify this loss of tone quality?
  5. Thanks for the answer, I didn't notice that Line 6 mode in the manual!
  6. Hi, I'm thinking about buying one of these: The description says: "The receiver base station also features a standard 1/4†EXPRESSION OUTPUT compatible with most third-party pedals equipped with a 1/4†expression input, such as the Boss PS-5 Pitch Shifter, Eventide Space Reverb, Line 6 DL4, and many more." Does anyone know if it's gonna work as an external expression pedal with a POD HD 500? Thanks :)
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