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  1. Why do you always need prese of someone else!?try to create from zero your own sound. Every single player with his guitar, his pickups, his picks, Style etc sound different from what you want....maybe some kind of sound with ping pong delay volume swell and so on May be useful but nothing more
  2. Im very disappointed for the new firmware update.line 6 said it should be one of the best update with 'your most request feature'...And The trouth is only adding a Global eq and amp pack.Very Sad.
  3. i'd like they work on a spider valve MkIII with no latency and Others issues....
  4. it's an amplifi (the reinvented amp?????????) made by ik multimedia...i don't know....i don't think will see in the next years some professional player playing live with amplifi....maybe spider valve MKii (a Multichannell amp) or DT series (2 channel amp) could be the future if they will work well in terms of reliability, program change, no latency etc...but this is my opinion
  5. i'm totally agree with you...i was expecting a real amp, with no latency and a software able to create new tape of sound like "positive grid bias"
  6. to me is not really minimal.....when you play live you can hear the delay well...it's a sort of :playplayplayplay.........playplayplay...........playplayplayplay....it is very noticeable! imagine a singer in a song between the chorus and the main theme that doesn't sing...to me it will be very noticeable.:) I tried to ask to a technician at line 6..the told me that they known the problem, but at the moment the amp is what is it:(
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