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  1. Looking for someone who's willing to sell/transfer a Power Pack license to me. Please contact me if you're interested. Thanks.
  2. Hi, does anybody have the "Amp model sheet" and "FX sheet" that used to be at the vetaville site? This is the link, but I guess they don't host the files anymore: I'd appreciate it if you could send them to my email, aetguitars at Thanks!
  3. That's pretty sweet! Good job my friend.
  4. Get a keyboard amp, seriously.
  5. Hi John. Just put your amp in the "Pre" section.
  6. aetguitars


    Hola ducduc. Como estas escuchando tus patches a la hora de hacerlos? Pregunto por que si los haces usando audifonos por ejemplo, van a sonar totalmente diferente en el auditorio. Lo ideal seria que hicieras tus patches en el auditorio, o por lo menos en monitores de buena calidad. El link que te dio toneman2121 es muy bueno. Saludos.
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